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Four best fun-filled holiday places guest post written by Sonali

Holidays and hangouts help us to give that time to our family and friends which we couldn’t spend with them due to our busy lifestyle. Holidays play an integral role in removing our stress and troubles. They not only change our mood but also they can become the turning point of our life. There are so many small corners in this world which serve us the best enjoyment and fun. So, let us take a sneak peak into some of those unusual and fun-filled places.


From hemp hotels to b&b run by former madams. Amsterdam is no stronger to the atypical lodging.

A more salubrious take on the city’s clichés is a stay on a houseboat. Hundreds are moored within the inner circle of canals in the Dutch capital and, with costs rising, some are being turned into self-catering properties or b&b. ding Amsterdam Houseboat lists 40 boats ranging from the rustic to the space age. Favorite include the Price royal, with a bar built into the old wheelhouse and view of Anne Frank house.


The treehouse had undergone or something of renaissance in recent year, with canopy level accommodation springing up all over Europe. Cabanes als Arbres take things up a notch, with a veritable village of houses perched up in the branches of the forest Guilleries in Girona. Each of the 10 cabins is built around a Douglas fir or beach tree and has it own terrace, perfect for a sunset drink with views of the surrounding mountains. To preserve the natural atmosphere of the woodland, there is no electricity guests are warmed by a paraffin heater, can read by candlelight and hoist up their breakfast from ground level using a basket and a rope.


For more than 250 years, the small village if Folkingham in LiconLshire was home to a house of correction a form of prison used to re educate the idle and disorderly. All that remains is its 19th century gatehouse, now owned by the Landmark Trust. The imposing exterior meant to intimidate offenders as they were brought in gives way to a cozy living room with open fire; a kitchen perfect for long, possibly disorderly dinners and two bedrooms on the upper floors. Those on day release should escape to sea and take a boat into the wash estuary for a bit of seal spotting.


Wood Norton has had many incarnations. The estate dates back to medieval times but the current hall is a Victorian Country house remodeled by the Duc d’Orleans, pretender to the French throne. The BBC took over the buildings in 1939 and used it an emergency base during WWII. Since then, it has been used as both BBC training centre and Doctor who film set. Its latest guise is as a luxury hotel. Be sure to ask for one of the rooms in main hall, which with their oak paneling, fat mattresses and roll top baths evoke Wood Norton’s days as a stately pile.

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Sonali is an experience writer and has been writing on different topics like hotel, travel and more. Currently writes for vivahospitalities a Guest house in Delhi/NCR.