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Holidaying in Majorca, an experience of a life time guest post written by Simon Clark

Majorca is a sun kissed Mediterranean island which is a tourist treasure trove with all charm possible to satisfy any holiday maker. It is sometimes spelt as Mallorca and is located 500 miles off the east coast of Spain. It boasts a splendid 250 miles of diverse coast line with a view of beautiful towns and villages along the dramatic mountains on the north.

There are 64 beaches with protected swimming areas, according to the Balearic tourism regulations, which are perfect for your tiny tots. It offers a chilled atmosphere as well as water parks filled with games and activities for all age groups. A cheap holiday to Majorca assures to provide you with most memorable moments of your life.

There are plenty of other attractions in Majorca other than the fabulous beaches; the historical buildings, quaint towns and cobbled streets takes you back in to the history of 3000 BC. There are a large number of castles and ruins scattered along the coastline have a magnificent view pulling in the visitor’s interest. The Christian background of the place fills you with a divine and spiritual feeling that is well worth a visit. The golf courses, theme parks, botanical gardens and festival integrate the beauty of the location.


The accommodation available is pretty suitable for most of the visitors who enjoy their outings; with a variety of places such as villas, hotels, apartments and rural retreats.

The peak season to book in advance when you want to drop in to the island is between July and September, as most of the resorts will be closed in the winter season.

In the summer season you can book a table to take the family to enjoy a lavish spread of Spanish food that keeps your mouth watering.

Hiking and cycling are the most exciting ways to explore the island. Summer is the best season to enjoy the splendid experience as the area is hot and dry with most of the festivals being celebrated during this time.

The Istladencanta festival is worth experiencing; it is full-filled, with DJ’s, pop and rock music. In the months of August and September the Fonart short film festival is held in multiple venues of Palma. International producers and directors drop in to the festival to showcase different genres of films all over the world.

If you prefer to be at a quiet environment then autumn will be the best choice; due to the reduced crowds and cooler temperature. Once you visit the place you will experience the real beauty of the island and surely want to come back with cheap holidays to Majorca !

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