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Low cost countries

Depending o f the seasons, we can get good flight prices. For example, travelling during summer time, the price is more expensive than during fall time but if we put aside a moment this detail, what other things we can take in account ???

The device and the life level of the country are the 2 most important things for me.

For example the baht (Thailand money) is less high than the dollars.

Other example, in Europe, the device is the euro but the same beefsteak will be higher in Spain than in Croatia.

What I would like to say it is that following the place we

choose to go for our holiday, we can save a lot of money by planning our vacation season and by selecting the country so where can we go ???

Mexico. Fascinate by the maya civilization or just want to enjoy its beaches of white sand like Yucatan, this country is one of the dream destinations and one of the places where converting your money to pesos will fill your wallet a lot.

Croatia. One of the European countries with low prices only if we plan to go outside of the summer time, well even during high season, the prices are lower than the other countries.

India. Don’t worry if we are going to spend a lot of money to buy our flight ticket but once landing, all the things will change. We can find a meal for 1 euro (not talking about McDo for example) and low prices for hotels.

Sri Lanka. Beach lovers have to go absolutely, you will live paradise beaches lined with palm trees and coral reefs to bring back at home marvelous souvenirs.

Malaysia. May be not the first place we have in mind when dreaming of a sunny beach with beautiful sea but travel companies propose very good prices that we have to consider.

Bulgaria. One of the cheaper European countries where we can discover the marvelous ruins of Pliska and former fortresses well conserved.

Hungary. Not a destination like Thailand but more as Bulgaria, an European country very cheap so we can save a lot of money.

Egypt. Full of culture and historical relics mixing with wonderful landscape and impressive pyramids, the prices are very cheap in the city so we can afford to enjoy a great cruise on the Nile for example.

Thailand. A very rich country not for its economy but for its culture and its marvelous nature (landscapes, beaches, mountains…), moreover it is very cheap to go and to spend there.

Turquía. The country offers a good quality/price ratio if we are looking for a beautiful beach, a luxury hotel, a good food and to discover a great culture.