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Luxury yacht charter destinations in North America guest post written by Yvonne Strange

What better way to see the world than by chartering a yacht ? The majority of travellers miss out on so much because they view the world's coastlines or countryside from the land. Read on to learn about yacht charter destinations in North America.

Being able to see the shores, coves and beaches from the sea is such a memorable experience that it is no wonder many sailing enthusiasts choose to charter a yacht in order to discover the beautiful coastlines that surround the North American continent.

Dream Holiday

By chartering a yacht it is possible to choose and create a holiday of your dreams.

Chartering a yacht means you have the freedom to spend as much time as you wish in one area without the restraints of having to vacate your room to make way for the next guest. You are free to relax or be as energetic as you desire. You can call into a harbour or a bay that looks interesting and there is no requirement to book ahead to make sure you get a room.

You can enjoy the closeness of family or friends and take as much time as you want swimming in the waters of a bay or taking a dinghy to the shore to relax on a beach. Moor up overnight in small fishing villages or just anchor in a cove. Freedom is the whole purpose of yachting and the experience is unforgettable.

North America is known for its wonderful variety of stunning coastline where it is possible to experience anything from tropical to freezing conditions. There is the breathtaking coast of Maine, the picturesque and famous port of Cape Cod and the world-famous group of Florida Keys islands at the tip of Florida, where you can see dolphins leaping in and out of the water alongside your yacht.

The west coast of America offers spectacular vistas that range from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Alaska and is one of the most admired destinations for luxury yacht charters during the summer season. Here sailors can take in the remarkable wildlife such as the Orca, the famous killer whale, or see the breathtaking glaciers.

Another great sailing destination is Chesapeake Bay, which covers 200 miles from the Susquehanna River to the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest delta in America. The Chesapeake Bay moorings are first-rate and you can explore the various famous towns such as St. Michaels, Maryland, where you can visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum located on eighteen acres bordering the waterfront. See various exhibits or learn about the watermen, oysters and crabs of the area. The famous Maryland crabs (blue crabs) have been fished since the mid 1800s and it is estimated that 764 million blue crabs wintered in the Bay in 2012. Then there is the spectacular countryside of Maryland and Virginia to explore.

There is so much that North America has to offer in the way of luxury yacht charter destinations that you will want to come back time and again, on each occasion discovering somewhere new and exciting, such as the Gulf coast, which offers the most stunning beaches and extensive fishing opportunities.


Yvonne Strange writes about travel for a number of blogs and websites. A keen sailor, Yvonne recommends www.moorings.com as a source of further information on luxury yacht charter destinations.