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Old past or spiritual cities for new thoughts

Are you thinking to do a spiritual travel ??? Sometimes it is good to go to a place quieter than New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona… somewhere where we can find a little peace and feel something particular.

You may believe that I am talking about a paradise beach or a place like that, no, not at all, I’m thinking more about a place that can transport us in a different time or in a spiritual world so following some places that you may go to disconnect totally.

Cities like Katmandu in Nepal, Chefchaouen in Morocco, Panajachel in Guatemala, Goa in India, Jericoacoara in Brazil and El Bolson in Argentina have kept an atmosphere of old past.

You will not find high towers, big screens... All the contrary, an ambiance of village where no one will look you strangely because you will walk naked feet on the streets. All of them have another point of common, it is cheap and a kind of life of the 1960s.

Even if you are atheist or not, those spiritual places won’t leave you indifferent like Jerusalem in Israel, Rome in Italy, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Bodhgaya and Varanasi in India. The only point in common is that each one houses a religion. Jerusalem for judaism where muslims are waiting the return of the prophet Muhammad and for christianity where is located the tomb of Jesus. Rome because of the vatican. Mecca because of the birth place of Muhammad. Bodhgaya for the buddhism and Varanasi for the hinduism.

No matter which one you are going to choose for your next holiday, those places will make you see the life differently and make you back home with new thoughts.