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Pingüinos, international winter motorcycle rally at Valladolid

Pinguinos is the spanish name of penguins but in this situation, it doesn’t refer to this animal living in the cold region of our planet but about a big meeting of bikers coming from everywhere to Spain, precisely at Valladolid.

Every year, the location is not the same place, for example in 2007, it was at Boecillo, in 2008 at Simancas, in 2009 at Puente Duero… the only point in common of all those villages is that they are located around the city of Valladolid.

Once the price paid, I got a souvenir bag, a raffle number to win a motorbike, vouchers to get free food and the pass. Only bikes can be parked near the site and in the camping section so if you go by car like me, you

will have to park it a little far away then walk until there because the road is totally cut during this event.


This event is opened to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you have or not a bike, of course you have to be a big fan and love bikes because the entrance is not free to get into the exhibition site which is divided in different areas:

  • the main place with a concert scene,
  • the organization section,
  • the food section,
  • the entertainment section,
  • the shop section,
  • and the camping section.

During 4 days, the protagonist is the bike, bikes of all types with parades organized in the village and in the city like the torch parade to pay tribute to bikers dead on the road, the flag parade… but also free concerts, shows, parties…

valladolid valladolid

Bikers coming with their tent have to find a place in the camping area sharing the place with other nationalities in which everyone is invited to share a good fire during night time to fight against the cold. In fact, for each tent, there was a fire and I could go there, talk with people in a good and jovial mood.

valladolid valladolid

Pingüinos is celebrated on the 2nd weekend of january, normally starting on the day 6th and ending on saturday or on sunday. The night before the last day, a firework is always launched to close the event just after burning the wood statue symbolizing, like you can guess, the biker. If you want to know everything, check its official website.

valladolid valladolid