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Las ramblas

After reading my whole section about La Rambla, you may read, hear and/or understand why some people say “las ramblas” instead of “la rambla”.

Actually it is very animated during 365 days and 24h. Always crowded, it is one of the most entertainment streets in Barcelona where you will find a lot of pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops – most of them are souvenir stores.

Located in the old district of Barcelona, there are a lot of little and/or dark narrow streets around the rambla which hide a lot of nice locals where you can dine and/or take a drink.

But also, like you may guess, there are a lot of

pickpockets and during night time, I will recommend you strongly to not play the adventurer and always stay in the main or a crowded street. Why ??? Because there are bands who are waiting for some innocent tourists in the corner of one of those dark and narrow streets to rob you and they will not hesitate to use the violence to do it.

Above all if you aren’t a group of 20 people !!! OK I may exaggerate a little but if you are alone or with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to be extremely careful during the night.