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Rambla de Canaletes

This part is located at the first section of the avenue near plaza catalunya and the name was given because of the fountain of Canaletes located in this part. Its origin was from a former fountain in the building Estudi General (University) in which the water was spilled out from small pipes into a kind of trough.

After the destruction of the walls, a new modern fountain has been built in which the water came from Montcada mine – a legend says that every one who drinks the water of this fountain will always come back at Barcelona.

Actually the fountain is located on the right side going down the rambla, just before to arrive at the tallers street.

On the corner of this street, you will find “Boadas”, the first place which offered alcoholic cocktail drink in 1933 (the owner in this time was from La Habana) and all along the same street, you will find a lot of famous old building of music.


Going down a little, you will find the bonsuccés street which will bring you to the MACBA (Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum), CCCB (Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture) and the head office of the municipal district council.

On the left side, the santa anna street will bring you to the most famous commercial avenue named “avinguda del portal de l’àngel” (avenue of the angel gate), full of shops and going down from here, you will reach the cathedral of Barcelona.

Just at the frontier of the next rambla “la rambla del estudis”, the famous theatre Poliorama. Almost in front of it, the canuda street will bring you to one of the most veteran cultural institutions called Ateneu Barcelonés (1907) inside the palace of the duke of Sabassona (1796). Next, the "rambla dels estudis" (rambla of educations).