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A road trip in Spain

Travelling a lot, I have the opportunity to discover a lot of spanish towns and landscapes. Normally I drive and I can tell you that spanish roads are full of bends which don’t provide an easy and quiet driving except when I am the passenger.

It is worth to drive instead to take the train or the plane because it is the only way I can discover stunning things by taking the freeway but more by taking secondary, little or hidden, roads - more than one time I get lost even with a GPS !!!

Like any other countries, each autonomous region has its own characteristics – a lot of vegetation, an earth

very dry, an environment full of volcanos... and the most expensive autonomous region is Catalonia - to get in like to get out, there are a lot of tolls. In fact, it is the autonomous region which has the more !!! If you come at Barcelona for holidays and you are going to rent a car to go to Madrid for example, you will experience it.

The normal speed limitation is:

  • 50 km/h (31.07 miles/h) in town, in some section 30 km/h (18.64 miles/h) normally streets near to a school
  • Between 60 km/h (37.28 miles/h) and 80 km/h (49.71 miles/h) in secondary
  • 120 km/h (74.56 miles/h) in freeway/highway except in Catalonia, sections around Barcelona are limited at 80 km/h (49.71 miles/h).

It is recommended to take a break in order to rest, to take caffeine drink to keep your attention awake and the most important to be extremely careful. This last one must be always in your mind especially when you have to take a road by the mountain. I faced many times a road so narrow that you may think it is only one way but the reality is otherwise when a car is coming by the opposite direction !!!

There are a lot of straight roads which are 2 way and sometimes it may happen that there is not enough space but at the end, there is always a section where the car can park to let you or the other to go on.

North and west are more green than in south and east but also more colder during winter time in north/west and very hotter during summer time in south/east. For example, at Barcelona, it is very rare that the beautiful white snow falls and if it does, it lasts few hours before to be changed in water. On the contrary, Andorra located in north, snow is more frequent in this area and so there are a lot of places to sky. But not only in north, Granada, which is situated in south near to Sevilla, has its Sierra Nevada. A snowy mountain where people can sky and the season opens from october to april normally.

Places with snow mean extreme caution and if you have to put snow chains, do it. If you never put them, the first attempt is a little difficult but in fact it is very easy. The ex-capital of Spain, Valladolid, a city with the charm of a small village and its “pincho de oro” (golden snack) which is a competition of the best tapas. Cadiz with its impressive white houses and sand which shine like a star. The small village of Mogarraz which its particular dance at the drum rhythm to celebrate “la Virgen de las Nieves” (the virgin of the snow). Ubiarco, a small town of la Costa Esmeralda, has a particular symbiosis with its mountains and the sea...

Spain is full of small villages and big towns and each one owns some particularities by its tradition, its environment and its festival but also its people where you can find people very friendly or very warmly or less open.

Don’t forget your camera to take great shot and also don’t forget to charge your battery and above all, be careful if you are going to drive.

If you want to see more photos, just visit my other website Concept RT.