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Sales in Spain

If you are like some of my friends who plan to come to Spain during the sales period so you read the right article.

In Spain, there are 2 sales periods – winter and summer one. The differences between each town are the prices and the beginning day, normally 1 or 2 days before - for example Madrid starts always before the other cities like Barcelona.

Like you can guess, there are many incentives from the companies to push people to buy and I will tell you what I usually say to my friends “buy spanish brands”. Usually, out of sales season, the price is 1 or 2 times less than your country so imagine during this period !!!

The first season starts in january, normally after the epiphany procession day which is the day 6th. The sales starts between 20% and 50%; in spite that shops display until 50%, the first weeks, it is very rare to find this reduction. With the passing weeks and until the end of the sales winter season, the prices will be reduced until 80% and rarely go until 90%.

One of the big shop, that spanish can’t wait to rush inside and there is always a mass of people waiting for its doors to be opened, is El Corte Ingles where you can find everything – food, cosmetic, cloth, shoes, electronic, home...

The sales season lasts 2 month so the winter is from beginning of january to the end of february and the summer is from beginning of july to the end of august.

The second season starts july, 1st and ends august, 31st. It represents the sales summer season and like the winter one, the sales starts between 20% and 50% to end between 80% and 90% (normally maximum 80%).

It is not like the black friday in US which starts after thanksgiving... I mean in term of incentives and the best things to buy are clothes, shoes and home products. About electronics, computers, games... you will not find a lot of differences between the normal prices and the sales prices and maybe you will find them more expensive than in your own country !!!

Like I said above, buy spanish brands like Zara because if you buy brands like Nike for example, it is best to buy it in US, even during sales period. In complementary of this topic, I recommend you to read my other article Where to shop at Barcelona ?.