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Siurana, a nice medieval village at the top of Prades Mountains

Siurana is a small medieval village located at the top of a mountain which is part of the Prades Mountains. The place is quite nice although it was a little cold for our hiking weekend (the last weekend of April).

To drive up there from our hotel located at Prenafeta, it was not an easy task because of many curves. After rounding left, rounding right many times, we arrived almost at our destination. Just at 400 meters before to reach it, a guy stopped us saying that there were no more parking free near to the village and that we had to park just right here.

The bad thing when you are the driver, you don't have

time to enjoy the view so at least, walking the few meters left, it was quite a pleasure, we would appreciate more if the weather was not grey. The visit of the village was quick and nice, a lot of people were here to lunch, take a drink, enjoying the panoramic view but also some came early in the morning to enjoy the natural park. The area is famous to have nice hiking tracks and for the rock climbing.


Unfortunately, our original idea to hike was abandoned due to the bad weather around 14h (thinking that it was sunny in the morning but at least, we did enjoy our good and long sleep). Changing our plan, we decided to go to Prades, a small town nearby. The old district, which is the most interesting, is small so the walk was very quick. At the end, we went to a coffee place for a hot drink and to enjoy a warm place. Outside was very cold, above all when the fog overran the town little by little.

siurana siurana

The next day, a blue sunny sky with some clouds but why it should be the day we had to go home !!! Anyway, we decided to take advantage so to lunch at Castellet in our way back to Barcelona.


Castellet is a nice very small village situated in a nice natural surrounding called Panta de Foix, especially for a day like that. Lunching on the terrace of Barretet, we enjoyed a beautiful view to the park and water, and before to take back the car, we visited the castle and its church dating from 977, both very well preserved (currently, the castle is the headquarter of a foundation).


From here, there are 2 options to go to Barcelona, by the highway C32 or by the sea coast C31. If you choose the second option, you will pass by Sitges and expect to have "fun" with a lot of curves. If you are curious about what I did at Prenafeta, read my topic Montblanc, the village of the Saint George legend's birth.

castellet castellet