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Ella with its Adam's Peak at Sri Lanka

Goodbye Nuwara Eliya with its tea factory. July 24, it was time to leave Nuwara Eliya to Ella, our tuk-tuk didn't come to pick us as scheduled at 10ham to bring us to the train station so the driver of the hotel owner drove us in his car for 800 rupees (5 euros).

Arriving at 10h40 (30 minutes trip), the train from Nanu Oya to Ella was at 12h45. We paid 60 rupees each (0,40 euros) for a 3rd class ticket. Fortunately for us, the train of 9h30 was still at the dock, and the ticket guy didn't tell us anything !!!!

It was when we arrived at the dock that we saw the train and we asked one of the employees if this is the train for

Ella so we jumped quickly inside. The trip lasted 4h20 and it was getting warmer at each hour. As for the trip from Kandy to Nanu Oya, we went through beautiful landscapes.


Our hotel Chamelia Inn Ella (passara road - 43 euros per night) is near to the station. Once out of the station, we walked right until a big street, then we turned left until the first crossing (there is a small tourism-police stand here taking advantage to take a map) to go left again and walking up few meters, we found it just on the right corner. It took us 13 minutes.

The hotel is quite new with a slow wifi in the room but a good speed at the eating area. The room is very clean like the all-in-one bathroom (sometimes we didn't have hot water, particularly in the afternoon). We didn't have the television, no mosquito net for bed (all the other rooms have one), all rooms have a ceiling fan (no air conditioning) and for sleepers, just in front of the hotel, there is a restaurant (only for our last night, they made a lot of noises).


The big street, which is also the main one, is called wellawaya road and it is full of shops and restaurants. We went to Fish & Chips to eat something. I ordered a prawn with vegetables rotti for 450 rupees (2,80 euros), it was quite good.

Then we looked for a laundry, we found 2, one just at few steps from the main road called Sampa and the other called Supiri Neat, off the main road, at about 5 minutes. Both do 400 rupees (2,50 euros) for 1 kilo. We used the Sampa's service and we had them the next day from 17h. If you want to go there, it is located at the middle between the hotel and the station, you can't miss it because it is written in big "laundry".


The next day, we went in the morning to the little Adam's Peak. From our hotel, we went right (if you are not in the same hotel, you will have to take the passara road from the main street). At a moment, we saw a panel showing the way to a path so we just followed it. We just kept walking up and at a moment, the way is divided, one goes down to a drinking place and the other goes up to a tea field. We took the tea field and after a few meters, we saw another panel (near a green gate) and after a little while, we were at the foot of Adam's Peak, now we just had to walk up the stairs to the top. It took us something like 1h.

It is very easy to do it (more than Ella Rock) and from the top, the views are very nice since the whole area is under our eyes and by going to the other side, we could spot a waterfall.

Picture 1
Picture 2

To lunch, we went to Ella Village Inn restaurant (wellawaya road) and I ordered a thosai poori with chicken for 300 rupees (1,85 euros). Meanwhile we were eating, it started to rain strongly during all the afternoon. Damn it !!! We were trapped to do lazy things in the city. We went to dinner at Cafe Chili (wellawaya road), it is a little expensive than the other places and the food is quite the same quality. I ordered a rice & curry of the day for 650 rupees (4 euros).

The next morning, our goal was Ella Rock but just before to reach the top, the sky started to thunder and the cloud started to go down covering little by little the top so we decided to go back but we were so close after recovering many times the right track.

Picture 3
Picture 4

We didn't take a guide even when we were lost. We tried first different ways that we found on internet telling us to walk some meters more after the steel bridge (we lost so many hours doing that) and at the end, the most easy and beautiful one is the track just after the steel bridge (90% of the people take that way). The others don't go through the top of an impressive waterfall.

If you want to do it, go to the train station, then go left, you should walk on a small track all along the railway. If you are on the good way, at few meters, you should see a school (picture 1). Keep walking until you will have to cross a steel bridge (it is after the train station of Kithalella). Just after the bridge, there is a shrine and just after it, there is a track going down to a kind of drinking place (picture 2). Take it, once down, you will spot easily a bridge.

View from the waterfall

Here it is the top of the waterfall so before to cross the bridge, take some nice pictures. Until now it is quite easy, the hard part and where you can be lost, it is after. Once you will cross it, on the right, there is a track going up (picture 3), take that one.

At a moment, it will be divided in 2, go right, this track will make you go down a little in order to cross a kind of high grass. Just after that, there are 3 ways, take the left one to go up again and keep walking (if you have taken the good one, you should see a step wooden stair - picture 4).

Picture 5
Picture 6

At a moment, you will see that the track will be divided in 2, go left (the right one will lead you to some private houses with fields). If you are in the good way, you should see a kind of small shop (picture 5) and normally, you should meet most of foreigner people going down (except if you will go for the sunrise).

Keep walking up on the left track. Once on the top (you will see that your goal is on your left but you still need to go up), the track will make you go down a little and take the left one going between trees (picture 6). From this point, you will be very close so keep walking up and you will reach Ella Rock.

Once back in the town, it started to rain 1 hour later and the mist 3h30 later covering the town so again, we were trapped for lazy things. In some way, it was good for us so we could take a break and planning our next day to go to Tissamaharama with its elephants.