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Suggestion of spring vacation 2010

In few weeks spring will be there and already, travel companies are preparing their offers but not only them, also hotels want to attract us, so if you are looking for something to escape this april, start to search because rooms won’t stay long without reservation.

If you plan to enjoy it in Europe, you can go, of course at Barcelona (my city) or at Istanbul, Essen or Pecs which have been declared as European capital of culture 2010.

To find the best price I counsel you to look on internet on travel agency sites and sites like edreams, easyvoyages… which have tools to look and to compare prices in an easy way.

Where to go ??? Well, the most attractive prices for hotels and flight tickets can be found if you go to Lisbon, Amsterdam, Prague or Helsinki. London, Roma, Venice, Florence and Brussels are the most expensive.

When you find a good price, you have to be careful because some pack offers don’t include all taxes and the final price can vary a lot. Also don’t fall in the trap of offers like “3 days and 2 nights” because normally you will stay only 1 day in the city and the rest of the time in the bus to do the go and back.

In fact, it is just a question to check and to read well everything, even the little stars to not be surprised. Sooner you plan your vacation, more you have the chances to find something which fit to your budget.

Some hotels propose offers like “3 nights and pay only 2”, looks like when we go to the supermarket and you buy 2 products and you get one free. On the other hands, some best hotels propose super saver operations, kind of reduced rates (except during summer season). So what do you think ??? Ready to take some holidays and to enjoy them ???

Following some suggestions where to go this year.

In Italy, you go to Athens, to visit the new Acropolis museum or to Roma, for its national Museum of the arts of the 21’s century (Maxxi) designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid.

In Poland, to Warsaw, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin.

In Austria, to Vienna, for the exposition of "Gustav Mahler and Vienna” to the Lobkowitz palace to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the composer.

March 18, 2010