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The Hague, a sense of life in The Netherlands guest post written by Roxanne Bridger

The Hague aka Den Haag, has a population of about 450,000 people and is home to the political capital of The Netherlands. This sunny location is a great place to explore the life and culture of the Dutch way of life in a less hectic environment compared to the busier capital of Amsterdam.

One of the most important things for me when it comes to travelling is the food. You soon start to realise how the curries and pizzas you can get in a local supermarket in England are nothing compared to trying the real thing in its native country. The Hague is not short of authentic places to eat and Holland is renowned for its famous frites stalls.

These sell typical Dutch snacks such as french fries drowning in a huge amount of mayo, and also kroket which is mushed meat covered in fired bread crumbs. Very tasty but not the healthiest of options! There is also a great amount of restaurants in and around the city and a lot of them can be found in a popular square called the Plein or the smaller Grote Markt. Here you’ll find a range of food ranging from pub food such as burger and chips, salads and wraps. There is a small bar called The Zeta which offers authentic Thai food seven days a week. You can order a huge portion of Pad Thai for around €8. Of it you’re hungry for Italian try VIP (Very Italian Pizza) or there is a Spanish Tapas bar called Ymuchomas. Both located just off the main shopping street.

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When it comes to shopping, as with most cities, The Hague has a standard shopping street which is home to the popular local brands V and D (a department store) and The Bijenkorf. Other European brands such as H&M and Zara can also be found around here. Alongside the bigger brands there are also a number of smaller independent boutiques offering the best vintage fashion around. These can be found along the two parallel streets of Denneweg and Noordeinde. FI you’ve got a bit more cash to spend, head to the more upmarket areas of the the Hoogstraat, Molenstraat and De Plaats. This centre of haute couture is definitely worth a visit, even if your budget only stretches as far as window shopping.

Not too far from the shops and bars of The Hague is a beautiful stretch of beach in an area called Scheveningen. You can get the tram here or there are plenty of places to rent a car if you’ve got a lot of luggage. This is home to most of the local surfers thanks to the impressive swell the sea offers throughout the year. The lively nightlife is another attraction and as a result, during the warmer months, holiday makers head here to enjoy the waves and party long into the night. Clubs such as Whoosah and Barefoot often have some of Europe’s top DJ’s playing and the underground feel to the clubs means this scene isn’t for everyone. Smoking, extremely loud music and strobe lighting aren’t for everyone!

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This is a guest post by Roxanne Bridger, a travel blogger at the flight comparison site cheapflights.co.uk