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Greek theatre

The Greek theatre is an outdoor theatre located at passeig santa madrona 36 in Montjuic. It was built in 1929, by the architects Reventós and Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí for the international exposition of Barcelona, in a former quarry of the mountain on which the stone wall serves as stage.

Surrounded by some gardens and parks, it can welcome 1900 people with its 460 m2 and the first show which inaugurated the place was “Electra of Sophocles” by Margarita Xirgu in 1932.

Its history is full of twists and turns but to resume, since the end of the civil war, the theatre wasn’t use until 1952

with the show “Edipo, king of Sofocles” and from then, any kinds of spectacles were organized like opera, dance, music, theatre, folk... In 1969 to 1972, it was closed and in 1976, the city council organized the first Greek festival which would be repeated every year except in 1979.

greek theatre

Beside the theatre, there is a pavilion that was destined to musical concerts and now it is a restaurant. Majority of the shows are organized during summer time, normally between the last week of july and the first week of august and unfortunately, during winter time, there are nothing because it is an enclosure outdoors.

greek theatre

If you are going to visit Montjuic and specially, if you are going to watch the magic fountain show at carles buïgas square near plaza espanya, visit it because the area is very pleasant to walk.