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Theatres of Barcelona

If you are a passionate of opera, theatre and/or classic music, you may want to watch some spectacles during your stay at Barcelona. Not only you will enjoy a nice show but you may discover an incredible architecture, rich in history and in design.

In this city, there are plenty of places you can go but every site is different, from a building of the past century to the newest one, each one has its own charm.

I’m not going to describe you all those places since there are more or less 38 theatres (well also because I don’t know them all) but I’m going to tell you 3 of my favourite ones.

3 marvellous places where, not only, your eyes will be delighted to watch an act or a concert but also its unbelievable architecture:

For people who don’t want to spend a lot of money or are not interesting to watch a spectacle, those places also organize some visit guided tour (except the greek one) so what are you waiting for, turn the page !!!