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Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was rated as the one of the 2012 Top Beach City on the planet by National Geographic but it also boasts numerous museums, theatres, concert halls and sports complexes, stunning architecture, and multiple national monuments. The city is usually explored on foot or via public transportation by backpackers from neighbouring European countries. To guarantee that you’ll have one memorable experience in Barcelona, here are some quick tips to live by.

Although there are various travel spots in Barcelona such as the Tibidabo Mountain, Park de Ciutadella and Barcelona Aquarium, these places are only open to the public during day time.

When night comes, it’s best to visit some of the casinos in the city. Gran Casino de Barcelona is one of the most unique and exclusive casinos in town. They host various tournaments, including poker championships, throughout the season. Tournaments are held every day for all players at every level. Even online poker websites such as partypoker garner a huge number of followers from Spain. It is emerging as one of the most lucrative markets of online gambling games in the world. One of the main reasons why the internet poker market has flourished in Spain is that players are eager to wager real money in a regulated environment which ensures that they are not being swindled. In addition, online poker operators are engaging in competitive marketing strategies to draw players to their respective sites.

Now, it is expected that during the day, your itinerary will be packed with travel spots to visit. It’s best to eat a heavy breakfast; especially those who are planning to go on a hike, walk, or try any outdoor sports. In an ideal backpacking situation, you'll find someplace to stay where breakfast is included in the cost. Take advantage of this and eat a lot. You can keep costs down if you eat a heavy breakfast, making your own lunch to carry along with you. Barcelona has an incredible array of places to eat. Ask around to search for the reasonably priced spots such as the Adarra in Gracia, and if you need to eat out, relegate it to one meal a day, avoid alcohol, and frequently eat at the cheap restaurants.

During your city-tour, you’ll come across La Rambla Street. It is a popular lane for both tourists and locals. La Rambla is a beautiful shopping and walking boulevard where you can see crowds at any hour of the day. Here you will see many historical buildings, cafes and food market. You will meet friendly human statues in costumes and face-paint from fairies and legends. The stream was paved over and it is now developed into a pedestrian-only boulevard. About half way down the boulevard, to the left as you face the port is the Placa Reial (Royal Plaza), a big square with cafes, palm trees and arcades, and 2 lampposts designed by Antonio Gaudi.

It’s not hard to make the most of Barcelona. There’s culture, fine-dining, bar-hopping and beach-bumming aplenty to be getting on with. With the following advice above, you have now a clearer picture of what to expect in the city of Barcelona.