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TOP 5 of TOP 10 things to do at Barcelona

Going on holiday in a city that you don’t know, it can be a little difficult to know what to do. Like you, the first thing I do, it is to look for information on internet and by this way, I can plan better my vacation.

The other thing I do (but not often) it is to buy a guide book of the city and like internet, there are a tons of information but it exists a main difference between what you find in internet and in a book (at least for me), the local information.

Majority of the books are commercials and they will recommend you to visit some sites without including some details. For example, looking for Barcelona

information, guide books will say that Sagrada Familia as a “must” to see because it is an impressive basilica of Gaudi. It is a marvelous architecture and you will be stunned by its beauty from outside first then from inside. Even if the price is increasing each year, not only it is worth to take a look but in the same time, you will contribute for its construction since it depends totally of private funds.

This kind of little details is very important for me because I consider it as capital information. Of course, this local information is based totally on a personal point of view but doesn’t a guide book do too ???

What to do at Barcelona ???

To be honest with you, there are plenty of things to do in this city. I’m not going to list everything because you can find it in my other topics so for more information about Barcelona, just go to the index.

I’m going to list my top 5 for 10 categories. Majority of them, you can do it when you are here and some you will have to come back - for example, the top 5 of festivals because they are organized during different months of the year.

Why only 5 and not like the usual number 10 ??? Because I’m too lazy to do a top 10 !!! No, seriously because it will focus more on the most attractive things to do at Barcelona. So the top 5 is…

Top 5 of monuments, it describes the ones I find the most impressive and the most attractive of Barcelona:

  • Casa Batllo (passeig de gracia 49), it is one of the famous architecture of Gaudi who built it thinking as a sea environment.
  • Casa Mila (passeig de gracia 92), another great work of Gaudi on which the front looks like waves.
  • Sagrada Familia (c/ mallorca 401), the impressive basilica of Gaudi which will be not finished before 2026.
  • Palace of Catalan Music (c/ palau de la música 4-6), a master work of the Catalan architecture which is an emblem of this city.
  • Liceu (la rambla 51-59), a theatre which survived to fires and now, more splendid as ever after its redevelopment in 1999.

Top 5 of museums, it describes the ones I find the most entertaining and interesting of Barcelona - take note that the first sunday of the month is free and not all but majority of them are free every sunday:

  • Science museum (c/ isaac newton 26), a place where I can experience a lot of things and walk inside a tropical environment.
  • MACBA (plaza àngels 1), the contemporary art museum of Barcelona, a place to discover the modern art of the city.
  • Foundation Miro (avinguda miramar 1), a place to discover the work of the famous catalan painter Joan Miro.
  • Picasso museum (c/ montcada 15-23), a place to discover the work of the famous artist Picasso.
  • Botanic garden (doctor font i quer 2), to discover different plant species.

Top 5 of festivals, it describes the ones I find that they represent perfectly this city and fun including interest tourist is guarantee at Barcelona:

  • Gracia festival (from august 15th to 21st), located at the Gracia neighborhood where streets are decorated and awarded.
  • Mercè day (september 24th), the celebration of the patron saint of the city which represents all its Catalan culture.
  • April fair (last week of april), a representation of the famous festival of Seville which reunites all the Andalusia culture.
  • Sant Jordi (april 23rd), the day of the lovers in which the tradition is to buy a flower to a woman and a book to a man.
  • Montjuïc Cinema (entire month of july), to enjoy a movie session in outdoor projected in big screen on the wall of the castle of Montjuïc.

Top 5 of shopping, it describes places I like to go to do shopping and where a numerous different shops are concentrated in the same place at Barcelona:

  • Diagonal Mar (avenida diagonal 3), a mall of 3 floors located near to the beach.
  • Maquinista (paseo de potosí 2), the big mall of the city.
  • Diagonal L’Illa (avenida diagonal 557), a mall of 2 floors.
  • La Boqueria (la rambla 90), a market where I can find everything to prepare a good food.
  • Rambla de catalunya, a street near to the downtown (plaza catalunya) which is parallel to another shopping street “passeig de gracia”.

Top 5 of neighborhoods, it describes the ones I like to go to have fun and where interesting mixes of architectures are found at Barcelona:

  • Gracia, an area that was before a village which has been able to keep its tradition.
  • El Born, one of the oldest areas where life is in constant circulation.
  • Eixample, the modern area in the heart of the city.
  • Montjuic/Sants, an area where is located the old castle of the city.
  • Les Corts, an area where you can enjoy easily a moment to relax.

Top 5 of lunch, it describes places I like to go to enjoy a good breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert at Barcelona:

  • Paul (c/ roselló 235), a pastry place for a good breakfast.
  • Gelaaati! (c/ llibreteria 7), a place to savor a mojito ice cream.
  • Buenas Migas (passeig de gràcia 120), a place to savor a good quiche.
  • Marina Moncho’s (c/ marina 19), my favorite place to eat paella.
  • Cerveseria Catalana (c/ mallorca 236), always full but an excellent place to eat tapas.

Top 5 of nightlife, it describes places I like to go to enjoy a lovely dinner, a nicely drink and where dancing is part of the culture of the nightlife of Barcelona:

  • Omm (c/ rosselló 265), a hotel but I go to enjoy its lounge bar meanwhile drinking a cocktail and seating on its divans.
  • Indochine (c/ muntaner 82), an asian restaurant where I can enjoy the breeze of a waterfall and the little river running all along the place.
  • Elephant (passeig dels tillers 1), a club which offers not only a dancing room but also a lounge room with beds in outdoor.
  • Tragaluz (passeig concepció 5), a mediterranean restaurant where the ceiling is transparent to see a perfect full moon.
  • Copa Café (c/ santa creu 5), a simple bar but which owns a local charm of the city.

Top 5 of leisure, it describes places I like to go to enjoy a time of relax at Barcelona:

  • Pedralbes garden (avinguda diagonal 686), a nicely garden to pass the day reading.
  • City Park (passeig de pujades), the main park of the city where there is a small lake to rent a little boat.
  • Nova mar bella/Llevant beach, both sections are less dirty than the ones located at Barceloneta.
  • Parc Güell (c/ olot 7), park of Gaudi where I can enjoy a view over the city.
  • Las Golondrinas (in front of the Colón statue), to enjoy a boat journey.

Top 5 of activities, it describes the ones I recommend you to not miss either alone or with family at Barcelona:

  • Magic fountain (plaza de carles buïgas), a spectacle of light and water mixed with music.
  • Aquarium (moll d'espanya del port vell), a funny place to see marine animals.
  • Zoo (parc de la ciutadella), the site is in full extension and its new areas will not be opened until 2015.
  • Wise men parade (plaza catalunya), a parade which is celebrated on january 6th each year.
  • Port Aventura, a theme/amusement park located near the city.

Top 5 of dangerous, it describes places I recommend you to be very cautious at Barcelona:

  • La rambla, a street full of pickpockets.
  • Ciutat Vella district, during night time, avoid dark and empty streets.
  • Plaza reial, during night time, a square where unfriendly people will watch you constantly.
  • The beach, like la rambla street, is full of pickpockets.
  • Sants station, the metro station where someone can rob me quietly and easily if I’m not careful.