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Travel to Milan, the fashion capital of the world guest post written by CheapOair

Well-known as the Fashion Capital of the World, Milan is an enchanting destination to visit and explore. It is the second largest municipality in Italy and the capital of Lombardy and the province of Milan. This glorious and fashionable city is indeed the bastion of innovative fashion since the Renaissance and it is easy to understand why it had been called that.

One of the interesting things to know that the 16 th century, Milan’s fashion industry was so widely recognized that it led to the old English world “Milaner”, a term given to jewelry, cloth and important hats. Later it has been evolved in the word “Millinery” meaning a maker or seller of hats.

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Visit the Centro Storico, it is the most important historical centre and fashion areas of the Milan. This area is full of life, here you will get to see plenty of things. From huge Piazza Duomo to historical landmarks, there are plenty of things to explore in this area. Don’t forget to check out the magnificent shopping gallery where you can witness latest shopping trends.

Walking from this shopping paradise for 2 minutes, you will be greeted with the Via della Spiga, and Via Montenapoleone, two of the most famous influential fashion streets possibly in the whole world. These scintillating streets are filled up with alluring fashion designers, jewelers and furriers. Every top-of-the-line fashion designer of the world has a shop or two in these streets. From Armani to Iceberg, Louis Vitton to Bottega Veneta, to name just a small handful. During the popular fashion week of Milan, these streets get filled with the people from the fashion industry.

Be it designers, manufacturers and buyers, you will get to see them all here both day and night. These people from the fashion industry come here for the purpose of visiting the shops to see designs , window shopping , observing the fashion scene, this all help them in getting new ideas regarding the fashion in clothes.

Those who are interested in visiting the fashion district where along with fashion you will get plenty of bars, cafes, live jazz concerts along with scintillating antique shops then you should definitely check out the Navigili, it is lively and fashionable (canal) district.

Fashion enthusiasts should make it a point to check out the “Brera”, it is the most fashionable district of Milan. It was used to be known as the ‘artists’ quarter, very bohemian that is inhabited and frequently visited by the poets and artists. Those who are in mood to shop for fashionable clothes, home accessories, books or looking for dining options, this area is the perfect place to be at. From classy boutique shops to majestic bohemian’ homeware shops, bookshops to malls, restaurants to bars, her you will get to see it all.

This alluring area is also famous for the famous Pinacoteca di Brera, it is one of the Milan’s most fashionable art galleries that exhibits works from many of the well-known artists that include Rubens and Canaletto. This art gallery is housed in the 18th century palace Palazzo Brera. With its incredible wealth of fashion, historic sites and cultural sites, Milan attracts vacationers and leisure hunters from all over the world.

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