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Travelling with Vueling or Clickair

It is now 1 year that Clickair has merged with Vueling so it doesn’t matter which website we are going to buy our flight tickets since both will offer the same prices and same promotions.

In fact, now it exists only one spanish low cost company named Vueling. If you get used to buy tickets from them before, you may remember that they are few destinations and with this fusion, the company has extended its offers for our pleasure to travel :-)

It is all benefit at least for me, since I get used to buy tickets at Vueling, because I am a member of the punto program which allows me to accumulate points and to change them for a reduction.

Although I have to say that I don’t buy some much because the price has increased a lot and for a low cost company, they don’t offer so great price since this fusion. May be that it is because Iberia owns almost 50% of the capital, after all, Clickair was the low cost company of Iberia.

Anyway, if you don’t find your happiness like me in term of destinations and prices, check its European low cost competitors, for that, I recommend to check my topic Travelling low cost.

Update July 9, 2010

I don't want to make a lot of advertising for both spanish airplane companies but what i can say if there are both the best low cost company in Europe !!!

Indeed, travelling myself acros Europe i bought my tickets at Vueling or Clickair. The point is that i always try to get the better price (who doesnt do that ??? well rich people of course) and sometimes one is better than the others. Both companies offer only european flight and not international flight so if you want to flight to Mexico, China, US... you have to find an other one.

The other point is that Clickair offers more destinations than Vueling but Vueling makes more promotions. If you subscribe to the mailing list of Vueling (like me), you will receive at least once a month a promotion to flight very cheaper. The price can start from 10€ (for example the last one i received for this month, the starting price was 35€).

When you buy a ticket to flight with Vueling, they give you some points which can be converted in money to reduce the price of your new ticket but also, you can order the special credit card of the company. Each time you are going to use the card to buy things (food, device, car, house...), you will also get points (there is an annual fee, dont remember how much).

So if you live in Europe and you want to travel cheaper like me, dont forget to check out before to buy your ticket and for people who come from outside like Australia, Japan, US... and you are planning to visit other european countries, it's worth to check it.

Tip for landing. I dont know for you but for me, each time that a plane is going to land, my ears get hurt. The best way to avoid or to reduce this pressure effect, it is to chew a gum or to eat a candy until the landing. Give it a try, you will see that it works !!!

September 19, 2008