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A trip to the most beautiful harbors

If I have a boat, I will plan to sail during some months by stopping at the most beautiful ports of the world. Doing the same adventure as our ancestors when they dreamt to see more farther than the horizon. For the moment it is a dream but maybe one day, I will stop on those places.

The port of Dubrovnik is situated in Croatia and if you like history, some greek artefacts have been found during excavations in the old city located just next to the sea. A very charming place that is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The port of Malta, most known as the grand harbour, is a natural harbor which has been used since the phoenician times. Although with the time, it has been

improved and fortified with extensive docks and wharves but everyone goes there, don’t doubt to go to its blue lagoon bay too.

The port of Sète is situated in France and not wonder that people like it because it is also known as the Venice of Languedoc. One of its particularities is that the docks are lined with nice colored houses.

The port of Venice is located in Italy and a city that it is best to use a boat than a car to move. It is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks and it is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site including its precious lagoon.

The port of Bonifacio is located at Corsica in France and by going to the top of the citadel, you will have a great view on the harbor. One of its curiosities is to watch when boats come back to the harbor after a hard day of fishing.

The port of San Francisco is located in USA and it is divided in different areas, some more charming than the others. It took two long centuries for navigators to find the anchorage originally called Yerba Buena and considered as one of the 3 great natural harbors in the world.

The port of Kobe is situated in Japan and every boat has to dock in the downtown so sailors will see as one goes along how the modern of its skyscrapers mixes with the culture of its traditional houses.

The port of Capri is located in Italy and the city was a resort since the roman period. What attracts people, it is not that it was here that the emperor Augustus built his villa but its blue grotto, a natural sea cave that when the sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

The port of Honfleur is situated in France and one of interesting things to know is that it has been founded by vikings. The other is that Samuel de Champlain, known as the father of new France, departed from here to found Quebec in 1608.

The port of Portofino is located in Italy and it is surrounded by a nice dense green forest which, just after docking your boat, you can go for a hike in the mountain but not before to discover its nice charming town.