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Wild vacation with the most dangerous animals

Who are looking for more adrenaline during his holidays ??? A kind of safari vacation where you will hunt, for example, lions with your camera, close enough, for example, to a crocodile to feed him from your own hand...

Even for people who are not brave, they can still enjoy those animals from a good distance and if you overcome your fear, get inside a cage and be ready to look straight in the eyes to challenge the animal.

In Australia, the Corocosaurus Cove park, located at Darwin City, will show you the biggest crocodiles and the most venomous snakes of the country and if you don’t scare, there is an option to go inside their death cage.

Only 2 persons can enter and they will be immersed in the water during few minutes, just the time to see how crocodiles will try to eat you !!!

Staying in the same country but going now at Port Lincoln, a small coastal city where you can practice scuba diving. The most interesting is to discover the maritime fauna but they also propose the option to dive with the great white shark for the braver, of course, you will be inside a cage.

In Africa, there are a lot of places where you can go to see lions like the National Park of Etosha at Namibia, Serengeti at Tanzania, Kruger at South Africa… For this adventure, you will be inside a jeep crossing the park to find out lions and if you are lucky, you will be witness of how they hunt or how they devour their prey.

In Canada, the Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia organizes some tours to discover the grizzly bear which can be a hard task because this animal always tries to avoid us but be careful, if you have the bad luck to provoke him, unintentionally or not, be ready to face his fury !!!