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Festival of Harley Davidson at Barcelona

Barcelona Harley Days is the event of the summer, at least for riders, because you will see a lot of bikes, but not any types because it is totally and only dedicated for the Harley Davidson.

The event takes place every year at the espanya square and during 3 days, a lot of activities are organized.

First, it is quite impressive to see all those people coming near the 2 big towers and to park here in order to show their bikes to everyone.

If you have one, you can participate to the competition in which people have to select the best one and to try to

get one of the awards like the people’s choice, the best modified Harley, the best in show...

harley davidson harley davidson

If you don’t have, well, you can buy one because there are a lot of stands where not only they will exhibit their models but also, you will have the option to buy one. And if you are not sure and undecided, you can even try to drive one !!!

harley davidson harley davidson

Every owner can personalize their bike by going to the custom stand. One of the events to not miss, it is the flag parade, it is done on Sunday so the last day of the festival. It consists of a drive in the city by all people who have a Harley Davidson.

harley davidson harley davidson

Of course, not the full day is only about bike, during night time, from between 19h and 20h, there are free concerts and/or other types of funny things until midnight.

harley davidson harley davidson harley davidson

So if you are in Barcelona on july from the 2nd friday to sunday, go to the espanya square for this special event. For more information, you can check its official website.

harley davidson harley davidson