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Massage and hammam in Barcelona

One of the pleasures, after a hard day, is a moment of relaxation either into a hot water like in a hammam or lying above a bed meanwhile enjoying a massage. In Barcelona, there are a lot of places where you can go, for example, you can choose a hotel of 4 stars or above, all of them have a SPA section which includes a massage service.

Of course this is an expensive option, in the opposite side, the cheaper one is to go to a chinese hair salon, majority of them provide a massage service too. To tell you the truth, I go rarely in such places because what I am looking for it is a place which provides a sensation of peace and harmony.

It is very important for me the decoration and the ambiance because they put me mentally in a condition of tranquility. A feeling, at the instant I enter into the place, that I let behind me all the noises and the speedy life of the urban city once the door closes. Then in the massage room or into the hot water pool, this moment of pure relax that I’m waiting for during the whole day. Following some favorite places.


It is an old tradition that exists long time ago in which people went to hammam for its virtues on the mental and physical health. The practice consists to go in different water and steam areas with different heat levels, normally between 37 degrees and 45 degrees, allowing a total rest and purification of the body and the spirit. By this way, the body gets used to the humid perfumed heat of eucalyptus then it relaxes opening the pores of the skin, evaporating the toxins and disappearing the tensions, making that the skin regenerates itself.

Rituels d´Orient (c/ loreto 50, phone 934191472) makes anyone travelling into a place of playtime for all the senses through old rituals of well-being and beauty. A small secret guarded into the heart of Barcelona, it invites people to live an unique experience of relax via the steam clouds, the waves of heat and the ripple of water, where each one can enjoys at his/her own rhythm and in total freedom.

Aire de Barcelona (paseo picasso 22, phone 902555789) introduces everyone into the arab world. Restoring an ancient arab bath in the Born district, Aire de Barcelona offers us different routes of warm waters like tepidarium (36 degrees), caldarium (40 degrees) or frigidarium (16 degrees) but also we can enjoy steam baths and why not, floating in a relaxation state in salt baths mixing with exquisite natural fragrances.

Huaira has 2 centers. The gothic one (c/ lledo 13, phone 933103417), located in the Gotic neighborhood, immerses us into hot water and steam areas inside a former small palace set in the period of the Imperial Roma and built on the former roman wall of Barcino. The gracia one (travesera de gracia 251, phone 932136464), located at Gracia district, is specialized in massages with a personalized treatment set in an environment of relaxation.


It is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being. It involves acting on and manipulating different parts of the body like feet, back, muscles, tendons… with pressure, tension, motion and/or vibration done manually with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm and feet.

Silom SPA (c/ valencia 304, phone 932726662) is an oasis of well-being. The oriental-inspired decoration, lighting, sounds and scents transport us to a world of sensations that creates a unique experience and that helps to recover the harmony of body, mind and spirit. The treatment zone is an isolated shelter which provides peace and comfort and it is divided into five rooms, totally individual, completely equipped and exceptionally decorated representing the five elements: wood, stone, metal, water and fire.

Ambrosia SPA (passatge domingo 9, phone 931863342) is located in Eixample district where everyone can enjoy alternative therapies to improve his/her general well-being. They use skills and traditions from the East and the West focused on improving the physical and emotional aspect of our body because, in the greek mythology, ambrosia means the essence which gives youth and immortality to the Gods.

Bali Spirit (c/ aribau 59, phone 934517085) has the philosophy to bring the best the Earth provides to anyone who wants a moment of relax where fresh flowers and leaves, dried roots and spices, honey, milk, sea salt and essential oils all blended together to create beautiful and pure therapies.

Sensual massage

It is an erotic art which uses different skills to give us new sensations and to reach different zones than the common massage. Generally speaking, if the normal massage is realized on the muscle, an erotic massage focuses on the senses. Its goal is to touch those points that every person has in his/her body in order to wake up the pleasure. Caresses on the feet, ankles, hands, back, lips… different parts of our body that we had never considered to be erotic but that wake up new sensations in us.

Tantra Masajes Barcelona (c/ casanova 193, phone 934199565) is a center of massages and relaxation with 4 independent intimate and cozy rooms where people can enjoy his/her session on couch or futon with relaxing music, candles, incense, aromatherapy and in absolute comfort for the pleasure of all our senses.

Tantra Temple Felicidad Intensa (phone 642918136) invite you to discover the genuine tantric massage. The Tantric Massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity, sensuality, energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure.

Thai Center Spa (c/ girona 48, phone 932459605) is the center which defines itself as the pleasure of the senses where anyone can enjoy a sensual massage by the hands of beautiful masseuses. After all, an erotic massage allows us to eliminate the tension and to reach a total relax.

Karma Secret (c/ rocafort 206, phone 934193942) is a center that brings together the ancient knowledge of the East with innovative theories of the sexology of the West. They create special sessions full of eroticism in which they allow us to reconnect psychophysically via the experience of the massage. Their sense and their philosophy are inspired by three concepts: elegance, sensuality and discretion.