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TOP 10 best hamburgers in Barcelona

You love hamburgers, well good for you because Barcelona also loves it. There are a lot of places offering hamburgers, except fast-foods like MacDonald, Burger King, etc. there are frankfurt places spread all around the city but I guarantee you, you won't like it. The best is to go to those specialized restaurants that offer a much more quality and with a similar cheap price, well a little more but you will not ruin !!! Following is my list of TOP 10 best hamburger places.

  • Stromboli (carrer aliga 25) is located in Sants near to the Hostafrancs market. Metro: L1 hostafrancs.
  • La Tropa (carrer asturies 11) is located in Gracia near to the metro. Metro: L3 fontana.

  • Pim Pam Burger (carrer del rec 18) is located in the Born area, not far away from the Picasso museum hidden in a small street. Metro: L4 jaume I.
  • De Paula (carrer creu dels molers 65) is locate in Poble Sec, not far away from the Greek Theatre Garden. Metro: L3 poblesec.
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  • Timesburg Sants (carrer moianes 75) is located in Sants, close to the market of Hostafrancs. Timesburg can be found also in other district. Metro: L1 hostafrancs.
  • Chivuo's Slow Street Food & Craft Beer (carrer pintor fortuny 15) is located in the downtown, near to the catalunya square. You can find another one for instance in Gracia. Metro: L1/L3 catalunya.
  • Santa Burg Eixample (carrer valencia 273) is located in Eixample, not far away from the Batllo house. Metro: L3/L5 diagonal.
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  • Anauco Hamburgueseria (carrer valencia 428) is located in Eixample, near to the Sagrada Familia. Metro: L2/L5 sagrada familia.

  • Oval (carrer valencia 199) is located in Eixample, near to the university of Barcelona. Metro: L1/L2 universitat.
  • Big Al's American Kitchen (carrer corsega 178) is located in Eixample, very near to the metro. Metro: L5 hospital clinic.