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Alternative accommodation ideas when travelling in Europe guest post written by Richard Hirson

If you have never been abroad before, or even a well seasoned traveller it can be useful to think about your accommodation in advance to ensure bookings are made on time and your stop overs tie in well with your overall travel plans. Commonly, travellers to Europe stay in hotels throughout the city, but there are a number of interesting alternatives to consider to liven up your trip.

Tips when travelling on your own

'Couchsurfing' from the likes of Couchsurfing.org allow travelling people to stay on (as the name suggests), couches for short trips or even single nights. Couchsurfer's often feel part of a community and

sometimes enjoy the comforts of a home cooked meal from their hosts, which are included in the price of the couch. Similarly, why not consider a flatshare, which can be found on sites like Spareroom.co.uk or Flatshare.com. A flat share usually works on a listings basis, whereby flat hunters and those with spare rooms available post a biography about themselves or the property available, which are seen by users on the site. You would then email the advert you are interested in with your details.

Short term rentals are commonly available, but you may find better success with longer stays of a month or more in the same location as this service may be more tailored to longer stays.

With beds available all over Europe, hostels are also a common night’s sleep for inter-rail travellers and veteran travellers around the world. Look up the YHA website for common destinations and beds to book in advance.

Alternative accommodation when travelling with Families

There are also a number of accommodation alternatives for family trips, which you may have not considered before. Check local listing directories Gumtree or Craigslist to find private accommodation listings in your local area. Simple search for your desired area and contact the owners of any property you may like.

For more home comforts, why not try and live like a local with the likes of a onefinestay vacation rental. This London specific service rents out homes in the English capital whilst the owners are out of town. These homes may provide better value for families who are travelling when compared to a hotel, as the entire home is available for use.

With so many different accommodation alternatives available, why not try something new on your next trip.