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Wonderful places to swim, sea or lake ?

Water is part of our life and it surrounds us everywhere so it is quite normal that majority of us like to swim, not only in our bathroom but also in the outdoor. Since there are so many places, we are spoiled for choice between sea and lake.

In fact, the real question is “do you prefer to swim in salt or in fresh water ?” because there are not quite the same. First because the salt water will be in the sea with the horizon in the distance and the fresh water will be in the lake with the nature and mountains as company.

Anyway, no matter which one you like the most or the one you will choose, following some wonderful sites where you will enjoy great vacation in total relax.

The seas and the infinite horizon

  • The Great Barrier island is located in New Zealand and it owns many beautiful clear beaches with white sand like Medlands and Kaitoke. Moreover, you can find some activities if you want some adventures like doing a sea kayak tour, rent a fishing charter…
  • The coral island of Caye Caulker is situated in Belize where you will swim in the Caribbean Sea. The island is so small that you can cross it in 20 minutes and if you go in july, you will enjoy the local lobster festival.
  • Located in Malaysia, the Mabul island has been a fishing village but in 1990s, it became famous for its beautiful turquoise waters but more for its submarine fauna so don’t need to tell the wonderful things you will discover.
  • The Flatey island is on the northwestern part of Iceland and during winter time, there are only 5 people, a good way to find peace but water will be cold. On the contrary, summer is full of people to enjoy its many islands and its many nice beaches.
  • The Gozo island has been identified as Ogygia, the domain of the nymph Calypso, situated in Malta. It offers brilliant orange red sand and clear turquoise waters, particularly at San Blas and Ramla Bay and you will discover the oldest structures of the world.

The lakes and the force of nature

  • The Kussharo lake is a caldera lake in Japan with many outdoor hot springs where people can enjoy a lovely sunset meanwhile bathing inside one of them. Moreover, it has a sand beach with natural heated sand and hot ground water.
  • The Malawi lake, also known as Lake Nyasa, is situated in Africa where you will swim amongst a lot of species of fish in its crystal clear water. You can also feed a mbuna, a fish famous to eat on the hand of people.
  • The Plitvice lakes are located in the oldest national park in southeast Europe in Croatia. Its many blue green waters and waterfalls make the area an extraordinary experience holiday. Just enjoy your day diving in its water or go deep in its fauna to meet its inhabitants.
  • In France, there is the Annecy lake, famous to be as the Europe cleanest lake because of strict environmental regulations. Except to swim, you can also do kayak, hiking, biking… and if you are there the first saturday of August, don’t miss the great firework show.

  • The Taal lake, in Philippines, surrounds an island with an active volcano and inside its crater, there is also a lake name simply the Crater lake. Although in both, people can swim, it is recommended to pass few minutes inside the Crater lake because of its sulfuric composition.