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Best airplane companies and its new services for our pleasure to flight

I don’t know for you but travelling is one of the great pleasures of my life either by plane, by boat, by car… It doesn’t matter with what because the most important for me it is how. What I like the most it is the plane if all goes well, no issue during the checking, boarding on time, taking off on time, no bizarre travelers sitting near to me… and no crash !!!

Of course, there is no way to control those kinds of events but at least I can know the best airplane companies for this year, and you, do you know them ??? The 7 best companies that have no suffer any crash during the last 30 years can be proud of its accomplishments which are Air Berlin, TAP, Finnair,

Qantas, Air New Zeland, Cathay Pacific and Air Nipon Airways. In the dark side, there are the worst companies but before to tell their names, I would like to announce that some companies will provide new services not only for our comfort but also for our pleasure to flight.

Let’s start with Cathay Pacific, for its business class, they will put a new seat allowing travelers to change it to a bed of 2,08 meters long and Swiss is planning to put a kind of seat that allows adjusting the firmness but only for its business and first classes. Not bad but not for you if you always buy a ticket in the economy class like me. So for us, Lufthansa will put seats more comfortable and Air New Zealand will offer the skycouch and twin seat services. The first one will allow to a couple for example to reserve the 3rd seat for half price and by this way, to get a bed of 1,68 meters long and 84 centimeters wide and the second one consists to have a free seat next to you if the plane is not full.

American Airlines also proposes a new service called express seat. It will allow you to seat at the first lines and by this way, to get quicker off the plane. On the other hand, Air France and KLM prefer that its clients have the right to reserve his seat 2 weeks before to be billed, this service is called time to think.

Air Asia is proposing the first low cost long haul flight to Kuala Lumpur from 259 euros but it doesn’t include the meal and the luggage in hold so don’t forget some cash with you. EasyJet, a low cost company, is proposing a service called business which consists to be able to change your ticket until 2 hours before the take-off as many times you want, to board in priority and to put a luggage in hold without any additional fees but the price of this business ticket is much more expensive than the normal one. At the end, not sure it is worth it.

Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines are doing the same thing as Qatar, American Airlines, Southwest, Delta and Virgin Atlantic, offer a WIFI connection for all its long haul flights and Oman Air allows to its customers to use their mobile phone totally free, you only pay the communication to your private telecommunication company.

Except the last one, all those services have an additional fee. For example, the WIFI costs 10,95 euros per hour with Lufthansa. The twin service costs according to your destination. The time to think service costs minimum 10 euros… And if you want more space in the economy class, the fact to reserve your seat near the emergency exit, your ticket will be more expensive. For instance, US Airways bills 50 euros more.

And now like promise, the bad companies with the more crashes are China Airlines, TAM, GOL, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Turkish Airlines. If you want to know the european black list, here the link.

April 5, 2011