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Dying destination, to discover or not to discover

A lot of places are going to disappear, of course, not now but within few years so maybe it is the good time to rethink about your next holiday and to put some priorities.

For example, going to visit Paris, you can delay it for your next 50 years but the Dead Sea, situated between Jordan and Israel, may not wait so long. According to the scientists, each year it losses more than 1 meter of its water so if you are looking an opportunity to swim without knowing to swim, go now or you may regret it.

OK you may not like the Salt Sea so what about the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean or the Falkland

Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. Those paradise beaches are threatened because the level of the sea is increasing each year. Of course, not all of them but 80% are destined to disappear if we can’t find a way to save them in the next years. So if you are still dreaming about beaches with white sand and wonderful sea, don’t doubt to put them at the top of your list.

The sawgrass marshes and sloughs of the Everglades in Florida (USA) and the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean are also in danger. The Everglades are designated by UNESCO and the Ramsar Convention as one of only three wetland areas of global importance and the Galápagos Islands as UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the future, we can discover its native species in a museum if we decide too late to see them meanwhile their habitat is still there.

The Acropolis of Athens and the pyramids of Egypt may be lost forever because of the increasing of the tourism. Of course, more tourists, better for the country but on the other hand, both places turn sour. This situation seems controversial but the fact to get more tourism, there are more hawkers so more slums so more garbage around those sites therefore the situation is getting worst except if the government starts to do something before that is uncontrollable. Of course, now you can tell me that if I go there, I will be one of those tourists but you can be a responsible than an irresponsible tourist.

And to end my topic, let’s go to the cold side. Did you watch the movie Earth (2007) by Alastair Fothergill & Mark Linfield ??? If yes, you may remember how hard for the polar bears to survive in a world where the surface of its territory is melting down. Well the icebergs in the North and South Pole have already started to disappear and in the Antarctic, flowers, which never existed in this area, started to flourish. If we don’t go soon, we can forget to take pictures of the impressive icebergs created by the nature.

The same thing happens for the glaciers of the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the Swiss Alps in Switzerland and if the temperature will increase 3 degrees more, it is estimated that they will loss 80% of its surface.

April 8, 2011