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Best hotels at Barcelona

Some time ago, I wrote a topic about some cheap hotels at Barcelona according to the feedback given by friends who came to visit me. Now in this one, I am going to tell about the best hotels in this city.

Unfortunately, so far until now, no friends want to spend a lot of money in accommodation so I don’t have any feedback on which I can refer but however I can tell you what I saw and what I heard.

Indeed, in spite that I live in this city, you may think that I don’t need to go to such places but you are wrong !!! The majority of the best terraces own to the 5 star hotels and by dressing well, I can enjoy a cocktail with a lovely and incredible view on the city and by having

friends who work in some hotels, help a little too. The minimum price for 1 night in those 5 star hotels is around 150€ and the price can rise up depending of the selected room category. Most of them have wifi, SPA, a swimming pool and a fitness area where you can enjoy your stay in a relaxing surrounding. Hotels like Arts, Rey Juan Carlos I... have even a garden where you can take a walk, have a little peace surrounding by nature…

  • Gran Hotel La Florida, carretera vallvidrera tibidabo 83 - phone (+34)932593000. This hotel is not very close to the downtown (plaza catalunya). It is located up to Tibidabo mountain and you have to rent a car or use always a taxi. If it isn’t for the great view, I won’t put it in my list – indeed, the hotel has a terrace where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with an impressive view on Barcelona and also it has a SPA, swimming pool and fitness.
  • Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, avinguda diagonal 661 - phone (+34)933644040. Very close to the frontier of the city but at least closer to the downtown than Gran Hotel La Florida, this hotel has a fitness area and it owns the best swimming pool of Barcelona and the bigger garden of the city with its 25000m2 with terrace !!!
  • Hotel Intercontinental Princesa Sofía Barcelona, plaza pius XII 4 - phone (+34)935081000. Located near to the mall L’Illa Diagonal, this hotel has a great wellness centre of 2000m2 with swimming pool and SPA. You can enjoy a great dinner in its lovely garden or in its terrace.
  • Hotel Arts Barcelona, c/ marina 19 - phone (+34)932211000. Located at La Barceloneta district just behind the golden fish so near to the beach, this hotel has also a garden (1000m2) with terrace, swimming pool, jacuzzi and SPA.
  • Hotel Casa Fuster, passeig gràcia 132 - phone (+34)932553000. Located at passeig de gracia street just a little above of diagonal street, this hotel has a lovely terrace with jacuzzi and swimming pool but the most particular it is its marble architecture – built by D. Lluis Doménech i Montaner between 1908-1911.
  • Hotel Solmelia ME Barcelona, c/ pere IV 272 - phone (+34)933672050. Located at Poble Nou neighbourhood, the hotel has a modern architecture look and it owns a SPA, swimming pool, fitness and a terrace where you can easily spot the sea meanwhile enjoying a cocktail.
  • Hotel AB Skipper, avinguda litoral 10 - phone (+34)932216565. Located near to the Hotel Arts Barcelona, this modern hotel not only offers you a SPA, swimming pool, fitness and terrace but also their 30 meters AB Skipper yacht – BSD 95D model.
  • Hotel W, plaça de la rosa dels vents 1 - phone (+34)932952800. An impressive architecture shaped like a large mirrored sail located near to the shore of the Barceloneta beach where you will enjoy its fitness center, SPA, swimming pool and a terrace with impressive view on the mediterranean sea.

Very close to plaza catalunya, there are 5 hotels:

  • Hotel Eurostars BCN Design, passeig gràcia 29 - phone (+34)933444555. Very fashion and full of surprising details, it has a nicely terrace with jacuzzi.
  • Hotel Majestic Barcelona, passeig gràcia 68 - phone (+34)934881717. A classic one with beautiful decoration and it has a SPA and a terrace on the roof.
  • Hotel Derby Claris, c/ pau claris 150 - phone (+34)934876262. A mix of old and modern architecture where you can enjoy its fitness, swimming pool and a nice terrace.
  • Hotel Palace Barcelona, gran via corts catalanes 668 - phone (+34)935101130. A stylish hotel decorated in a splendid old fashion where you will be teleported to the past in 1900’s and a beautiful terrace on the roof to take a cocktail with a great view.
  • Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, moll barcelona 1 - phone (+34)936039000. There is better hotel than this one and cheaper but the best of this place is absolutely not its fitness but its open swimming pool where you can take a natural sun bath and a great view over the sea and cruise ships.

And to end, Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, passeig taulat 262 - phone (+34)935070707. A modern hotel located near to the forum area and the mall Diagonal Mar where you can enjoy its fitness, swimming pool and terrace.

You still don’t know which one will suit you or maybe you want to spend a little less money but looking for a great quality of the 5 star hotels, I recommend you to read my next topic about 3/4 star hotels before to take your final decision.