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Cruise ship to Barcelona

Barcelona owns one of the most important harbors in Europe which includes 11 international terminals but only 7 are for cruises. It has a maximum capacity of 220.000 tons which is the maxim foreseen for a cruise ship like “Oasis of the Seas” or “Independence of the Seas”. Those cruise terminals are located mainly in 2 sections which are:

  • Adossat Quay terminals where is located the terminal A, B, C and D.
  • World Trade Centre terminals where is located the terminal South, North and East.

The harbour gets used to receive cruise ships from

different companies like Royal Caribbean, NCL, Costa Cruceros, MSC, Travelplan, Pullmantur, Carnival… which have good pack offers for you to enjoy your travel on sea toward Barcelona. Also you can check the hotel Eurostars Grand Marina, located at the World Trade Center, and the hotel Royal Ramblas Hotel, located at the street las ramblas 117. Both hotels have special price or pack offers for cruise people.

All those terminals are close to la rambla street so you can easily walk there but take note that from the Adossat Quay terminal, there is around 2 km and from the World Trade Centre terminal, you will need at least between 5 and 10 minutes. The World Trade Centre is also a business center which provides all kinds of services for companies.

The best is to take the "portbus" particularly if you are arriving at one of the Adossat Quay terminals. The bus will drop you off at the plaza del portal de la pau (the Colon statue place) near la rambla street and from there, you can take the public transport like the metro or even the tourist bus. Of course, the most practical is the taxi since this one will drop you where you want.

Moreover, the dock has an adapted infrastructure for disabled persons so if you are using a wheel chair, you won’t have problem to use the elevators to move around. Even the bus is adapted for them.

Adossat Quay terminals

  • Terminal A, this terminal has been completely rebuilt from its original 3600 m2 to 6200 m2 which has cost 15 millions of euros for the company Creuers del Port de Barcelona and of course, it fulfills all the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security Code.
  • Terminal B, the company Creuers del Port de Barcelona spent again 10 millions of euros to rebuild it, like the terminal A, it is modern, secure, comfortable and it is in compliance with the International Ship and Port Security Code.
  • Terminal C, this terminal has 4000 m2 and with the help of the Port de Barcelona, the company Creuers del Port de Barcelona has also rebuilt it and they have created a multifunctional space where they provide services to different operations of turnaround and transit.
  • Terminal D, this terminal is also called “palacruceros” because it owns 10000 m2 and totally designed by the architects Luigi Vicini and Andrea Piazza. The company Costa Crociere spent 12 millions of euros to build this modern installation of 2 floors where you can enjoy a lot of services like a mall, VIP room, internet check point or even to enjoy a cocktail on the splendid terrace of Palacafé with view on the sea.

World Trade Centre terminals

  • Terminal North, this terminal can receive a medium size cruise ship.
  • Terminal South, this terminal can provide services to 2 cruise ships and the maximum length is 253 meters long.
  • Terminal East, this terminal is mainly used for transit operations between the terminal North and South.

Now you have more or less an idea about the docks of Barcelona so no excuse to get lost but to end my topic, I will describe the other ones.

  • Terminal Sant Bertran, also known as terminal T and it is located at the World Trade Centre, it is used by ferries to go to Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca) and when there are a lot of flow of cruises, it is used for transit operations.
  • Terminal Port Vell, also known as terminal M and it is located at Maremàgnum, it is the smaller one and mainly used by smallest ships of capacity and length.
  • Terminal Genova, also known as terminal G and it is located between Adossat Quay terminals and the World Trade Centre, it is used by ferries to go to Genoa.
  • Terminal Drassanes, also known as terminal Z and it is located near the World Trade Centre, it is also used by ferries to go to Balearic Islands and in rare occasion, it can be used like terminal for cruise ships.