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Curious festivals for holidays

It exists a lot of kinds of tourism around the world and for some reasons, we may be attracted by a special event or something unusual to plan our vacation. For instance, did you hear about the blond resort ???

The lithuania company Olialia is planning to create a resort in the Maldives where all the employees will have blond hair !!! The idea will be to build hotels, entertainment centers, resorts, SPA and concert rooms answering to the spirit and world conception of the blondes.

If this kind of project will work, we can imagine that similar ones will flourish as dark resort and red resort for

example but meanwhile, we can enjoy another kind of special event like the day of the redhead celebrated in year at Breda in Holland. It occurs the first weekend of september where red hair people from more than 40 different countries are participating.

The body painting is the art to paint on a naked body, something not only beautiful but also very impressive. If you are fan or you want to discover it, you can go to the world bodypainting festival celebrated each year in Austria. It occurs normally the first week of july and people can learn how to paint.

world bodypainting festival

If you have a twin or if you have twin kids, you may hear about the twins days festival celebrated each year at Ohio in the United States. It occurs the first weekend of august and it is open to all multiples identical, fraternal, young and old, twins, triplets, quads and more and their families.

One of the most curious and funny event may be the world beard and moustache championships. It occurs every 2 years in different places of the world and with different dates. Everyone, who has a beard or moustache, can participate and the winner is the one who shows the most funny and nicer one.

world beard and moustache championships