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Glamping, the glamour camping

The word sounds weird, no !!! When you read it, you can guess that it is formed by 2 words at least so if you say it many times, I´m quite sure that the word “camping” will come out of your mind but what is the first one ???

And if I told you that the glamping is the word to use when you plan to go to the nature for your vacation, something completely in the outdoor, breathing fresh air, bathing in the river (if allow), sleeping under the constellation… with a touch of luxury and comfort. Still can guess the first word ??? Glamour.

So glamour + camping = glamping, its goal is to make us

discover the camping in a new fashion way, in simple words, a luxury camping. Indeed, we don’t need anymore to bring our own tent, our own boiler… the only things we will need are good shoes and clothes because everything is provided (tent, bed, chairs…). You may wonder where is the funny part ???

I don’t know if you already did camping but the funny things are to build yourself the tent, bring your own food or go to fish in the river, sleep on the ground, find where to take a shower… and when the weather is windy and/or rainy, it can blow away your tent if built badly, well you may laugh after but meanwhile you are fighting to put it back, you will curse your destiny.

The glamping is for anyone who doesn’t want to play the adventurer and all those fun parts or simply to do camping without to be bothered to buy the tent, the sleeping bag… Just bring the luggage and that is it !!! A kind of starting 3 stars camping tourism and of course, more expensive than the traditional camping.

This form of tourism has spread in many countries like Asia, Africa, Europe, US… For example:

  • at Koh Kong in Asia, along the Taï river, you can rent a tent for 2 persons for about 100 euros per night at Four Rivers Floating Lodge. You will lodge in a big floating tent on the river with great comfort and great decoration surrounded by a beautiful nature.
  • at Sydney in Australia, you can rent a tent per person for about 480 euros for 2 days at The Coast Track. You will enjoy a tent full of comfort, guided walking trips in the Royal National Park…
  • Located in different areas in France, you can rent a cube for about 100 euros per night at Carrés d’Etoiles. A cube full of comfort where 4 persons maximum will enjoy a big bed, shower, high tech technology, little telescope to watch stars…
  • at Montana in US, you can rent a big tent for 2 persons for about 590 euros per night at The Resort at Paws Up. Up to 4 persons maximum, you will enjoy a big bed, a master bathroom with heated floors, organic spa products…
  • at Kington in UK, you can rent a tipis (american indian tent) or a dome for about 300 euros for a weekend at Cosy Under Canvas. For this price, your family will enjoy a place equipped with shower, kitchen, big bed… where 4 persons maximum can live under it.
  • at Mafia Island in Africa, you can rent a tent near to the beach per person for about 110 euros per night at Lua Cheia Beach Camp. You will not only enjoy a beautiful beach and nice sunset but also a complete luxury tent equipped with bathroom, big bed…

If you do a search on internet, you will find much more comfort camping and like you will see, there are for all tastes and exigencies.