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Dangerous areas in Barcelona

Like any cities, Barcelona is not safe in all districts, there are some neighbourhoods which are best to avoid during night time, especially if you will be alone or only with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

In particular, you have to be extremely careful when visiting those areas:

  • Ciutat Vella district
  • Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i Ribera neighborhood
  • El Raval neighbourhood
  • El Barri Gòtic neighborhood
  • Born area

The hot spot is located mainly in the narrow streets of

Ciutat Vella district which include its neighbourhoods. For me, it is a shame because this district hides some secret places and foreigners, who are brave enough to play adventurers, have more chance to be stolen or attacked by a band than a local guy like me.

They take advantage of the fact that you don’t speak spanish or catalan in the moment to report the event to the police but also, because you are a visitor, majority of policemen don’t speak english.

So if you are going to have fun in this district:

  • try to stay in the main street like la rambla or in big place like plaza reial
  • try to avoid absolutely narrow and dark streets.

In fact, if you see an empty street or few people, better to take another way even if you have to make a big detour.

I hope that you will have a nice holiday and you will enjoy your vacation without any incidents but in case if you have to report an event, you can do it:

  • by talking to a policeman in the street
  • by talking to the reception of your hotel because majority of them have a direct connection with the police report form
  • by phone, call this number (+34)902102112 (english available) and after you have 48h to go to the police station to firm your report – more information, check the official webpage.
  • by internet, go to this crime report page (english version available) and after you have 72h to go to the police station to firm your report.

Take note that if you don’t firm it, your denunciation will not be taken in account. Following some phone numbers which can be useful:

  • General information, 010
  • Ambulance, 061
  • Catalan police, 088
  • National police, 091
  • Local police, 092
  • Civil guard, 062
  • EU emergency number, 112
  • Fire department, 080 or 085
  • Hospital, (+34)934546000 or (+34)934183400
  • Emergency dentist, (+34)932274747
  • American Express, (+34)900994426
  • MasterCard, (+34)900371231
  • Visa, (+34)900991124

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