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Enjoying live music

At Barcelona, you can enjoy live music in many places and according what you like, I am sure that you will have no problem to find the right place to pass a nicely night time.

Normally, bands play during the weekend but in some bars, they play every day and the price varies a lot but not expensive, some are free and some, you have to pay a minimum of 2€ - generally it is between 2€ and 50€.

Majority of the groups are spanish but sometimes, foreigner bands come to Spain to play and by this way, they profit to pass at Barcelona.

Where you can go ???

Jamboree, Razzmatazz, Luz de Gas, Ommsession Club, Tarantos are places I recommend you - below some favourite places and the kind of music they play generally:

  • Jamboree (plaza reial 17, phone (+34)933197189), jazz, blues music
  • London Bar (nou de la rambla 34), rock, jazz, blues music
  • Zacarias (avinguda diagonal 477, phone (+34)933210922), independent, alternative, pop, rock music
  • Tarantos (plaza reial 17, phone (+34)933191789), flamenco music
  • Sidecar (plaza reial 7, phone (+34)933021586), rock music
  • Sala Monasterio (passeig Isabel II 4), jam music
  • Sala Mas i Mas (marià cubí 199), classic music
  • Sala Apolo (nou de la rambla 113, phone (+34)934414001), dj, hiphop music
  • Razzmatazz (almogàvers 122, phone (+34)933208200), various music
  • Ommsession Club (c/ roselló 265, phone (+34)934454000), various music
  • Mephisto (roc boronat 33, phone (+34)933091315), hard rock, heavy metal, gothic music
  • Luz de Gas (muntaner 246), various music
  • Bar Continental (c/ providència 30), jam music
  • Be Good (sancho de avila 78, phone (+34)933620413), spanish music
  • Be Cool (plaza joan llongueras 5, phone (+34)933620413), spanish music
  • Bel-luna Jazz Club (rambla de catalunya 5, phone (+34)933022221), jazz, blues music
  • Bikini (avinguda diagonal 547, phone (+34)933220800), pop music
  • Centric Point (passeig de gràcia 33, 2a floor), independent music
  • Jazz Si Club (requesens 2, phone (+34)934434346), jazz, jam music
  • KGB (alegre de dalt 55, phone (+34)933830173), spanish music
  • La Cova del Drac Jazzroom (vallmajor 33, phone (+34)933191789), jazz, blues music
  • Harlem Jazz Club (c/ comtessa de sobradiel 8, phone (+34)933100755), jazz, blues music
  • Bar Pastís (c/ santa monica 4), french, spanish, bohem music

If you don’t want to play adventurers, I will counsel you to call first to know if there is a concert or not, the band who will play and of course the kind of music. The other option it is to do a search in internet to consult the program, you will have no problem to find their homepage because most of them have a website.