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Lounge bar and clubbing

Barcelona is, not only considered but also, a famous city for its nightlife where people (spanish and foreigner) go out during night time to look for diversion and to pass great time.

Alcohol is the favourite drink of majority of person and I take the opportunity to tell you to drink with moderation because here, you will serve generously by the barman and the price is very cheap - in this condition, the abuse is very quick and easy.

On my topic The nightlife at Barcelona, I described more the lively zones and where spanish like to go so in this one, I decided to tell you more about the different places

I get used to go and some of my favourite ones. In fact, I will focus more on lounge bars and clubbing. A lot of night clubs are free entrance but if you have to pay, the price is between 8€ and 20€ (including 1 drink normally). When the entrance is free, drinks are a little expensive but not always and generally, drinks and cocktails (with or without alcohol) cost between 4€ and 15€ and normally, nightclubs are opened until 5/6AM and bars until 3AM.

My favourite lounge places are Omm, Club Astoria, Red Lounge and Elephant and about dancing places are Universal Café, Lotus, Bucaro and Opium Mar. Following my list of places with some details.

Lounge bar:

  • Omm (c/ rosselló 265, phone (+34)934454000), the decoration is modern with a lot of couches (lunch/dinner available).
  • Club Astoria (c/ paris 193-197, phone (+34)934144799), the decoration is fashion and modern (lunch/dinner available).
  • Elephant (passeig dels tillers 1, phone (+34)933340258), the decoration is oriental with an outdoor space but you have to pay 12€ (1 drink included) to enter because it includes a nightclub space.
  • Carpe Diem (paseo maritimo 32, phone (+34)932240470), the decoration is a mix of mediterranean and oriental with bali beds and long couches (lunch/dinner available).
  • Monje (c/ pau claris 92, phone (+34)933184552), the decoration is oriental with a lot of Buddha statue (lunch/dinner available).
  • Bestial (c/ ramon trias fargas 2-4, phone (+34)932240407), the decoration is chic fashion but the best it is its terrace in front of the sea (lunch/dinner available).
  • 7sins (c/ muntaner 7, phone (+34)934536445), the decoration is bohemian with old chesterfield couches (lunch/dinner available).
  • Trash (c/ consell de cent 223), a simple decoration in a lounge style with sofa and great varieties of cocktails.
  • Bambu (c/ vallfogona 23, phone (+34)933686883), the red color is the main decoration (food available).
  • Alsur Café (c/ sant pere més alt 4, phone (+34)933101286), the decoration is simple but modern (breakfast/lunch available).


  • Universal Café (c/ maria cubi 182, phone (+34)932013596), dance/pop music with a simple but nice decoration and divided in 2 floors. Price free
  • Danzatoria (World Trade Center, moll de barcelona), house/r&b music with a great decoration and a nice garden. Price 15€
  • Up & Down (c/ numancia 179, phone (+34)932033194), dance/spanish pop music with a nice decoration. Price 15€
  • Luz de Gas (c/ muntaner 246, phone (+34)932097711), blues/jazz/soul/rock music with a nice style theatre decoration. Price 20€
  • Otto Zutz (c/ lincoln 15, phone (+34)932380722), hip hop/rap/r&b music with a modern decoration. Price 10€
  • Jamboree (plaza reial 17, phone (+34)933191789), funk/hip hop music with a modern decoration. Price 10€
  • Razzmaztazz (c/ almogavers 122, phone (+34)932720910), techno/pop music with a simple decoration but offering 5 different space of music. Price 15€
  • Pacha (avenida doctor marañón 17, phone (+34)933343233), dance music with a simple decoration. Price 15€
  • Skyline (c/ beethoven 15, phone 627545052), funk/pop/r&b music and offering more than 500 different shots for 1,50€. Price 9€
  • Mojito Club (c/ roselló 217, phone 654201006), salsa/regaeton/latin dance music with a simple but modern decoration. The place gives also salsa course. Price 20€
  • Rosebud BCN (adrià margarita 27, phone (+34)934188885), various style music with a great garden and terrace. Price free
  • Atlantic Disco Sound (avinguda tibidabo 56, phone (+34)934187161), spanish pop/salsa/dance music but the best of this place it is its garden with its swimming pool and the great view on the city. Price free
  • Roxy Blue (consell de cent 294, phone (+34)939726697), disco music with a great 80’s decoration. Price free
  • Lotus (c/ bailen 22, phone 902627987), DJ music with a decoration linked to the art, fashion and culture. Price free
  • Opium Mar (paseo maritimo 34, phone 902267486), soul/funk/r&b music with a very fashion and modern decoration. Price 20€
  • Shoko (paseo maritimo 36, phone (+34)932259200), house music with a nice oriental decoration. Price free
  • Bucaro (c/ aribau 195, phone (+34)932096562), chill out/jazz/funk/pop/house music with an elitist decoration and space with couches. Price 16€
  • Broadbar (c/ aribau 191, phone 690813133), house/dance music with a nice decoration. Price 12€
  • Red Lounge (passeig don joan borbó comte, phone (+34)932213093), dj/dance music with a modern decoration. Price 10€

If you don’t want to pay the entrance, I give you 2 tips. Majority of places, if you call before 22h to put your name on their list and if you go before 2AM, you don’t need to pay the entrance. The 2nd option it is to take the flyer given by a guy on the street, to pick it up in some bars where it is free to get in or to go to their website to print it out (some have one and it is easy to find by doing a search) and you have to go before 2AM.

One last thing, it is not a lounge bar, neither a nightclub but it is worth to experience it, Ice Bar (ramon trias fargas 2, phone (+34)932241625). The place is very “icy” so with ice decoration because the temperature is between 0 and -5 degrees. The entrance price is 15€ which includes 1 cocktail and they lend you a cap, gloves and jacket.