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Experience a hamster or nemo life

Do you believe if I tell you that you can live like an hamster !!! Well, it is not a joke, for 99€ per night for 2 persons you can experience it. And for the same price, you can live like the Captain Nemo.

An owner of a hotel has transformed 2 houses, one in a big hamster hutch and one as if you were inside the submarine of the Captain Nemo. And of course, he also proposes ordinary rooms in his hotel for people less adventurers.

Houses are located at Nantes in France and the hamster one has 16m2. Inside we can find a steel wheel of 2 meters to do exercise, a ladder on which we have to climb and after to crawl in order to reach a kind of bed

hutch at 2.5 metres of the ground. Moreover, the owner pushes the concept more father. Indeed, if we want to take a shower, we have to content of a simple tub. To eat, we have a huge feeding dish filled with bio seeds and to drink, a cube to be lapped with a hydraulic system.

The only thing which can give us back a little smile, it is the breakfast (included in the price) composed of tea, coffee and jam.

About the submarine of Captain Nemo (hero of Jules Verne), the house has 23m2. We will sleep on a water mattress situated in a secret room. The shower-bathtub looks like a submarine. Staircases are replaced by metallic footbridges and to immerge totally in a very marine atmosphere, an aquatic panel reproduces the sound of a deep sea.

Of course, this last one is less inconvenient to experience than the hamster one but, no matter which one we decide to choose, we will experience something particular so ready to do it ????

More information can be found at uncoinunique.com so I recommend you to take a look, even if you are not going to reserve, but just to be curious.