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Tips to flight cheaper

If you like to travel like me and you flight a lot, you may know some tips to get a better price. Before to travel, I always try to find the best offers and often, I save a lot of money.

Below some tips and if you have some which are not in this list, don’t forget to share it :-)

Check directly in the official website of the airline companies which may propose better offers. I use sometimes websites like Edreams ((until now, I never bought a billet through those websites) to get a list of the different companies in which I can travel according to my destination and after, I always go to their official website.

Try always to buy your billet in advance, you will have better chance to get better price although some companies can offer a very good price at the last minutes and depending of the countries, this practice can be done often.

Never buy a one way flight because it is more expensive than a round trip flight. You can save until 60% and through internet, it can be more.

Better price if you take the first or the last flight of the day. In fact, prices are cheaper flying early in the morning or very late in the night.

Take the time to check where you are going to take off and to land. Prices are different depending of the airport. For example, to come at Barcelona, price is cheaper at the Girona (secondary) airport than El Prat de Barcelona (main) airport.

Try to avoid high season or time, prices are more expensive during this period.

Always analyze what you are buying, normally companies include automatically additional costs like insurance, cancellation… so if you don’t need it, don’t select them.

Be careful of some companies like Rumbo because they charge you automatically and obligatory the emission of the ticket when check out since they manage economic flights for different airline companies. You can save up to 15$/€.

Try always to use low cost companies like Vueling/Clickair.

Travel with less luggage than possible because majority of companies will bill you to use their baggage hold – you can save up to 20$/€. The best is to travel with a handbag since you won’t be charged but be careful to respect the dimensions and the weight allowed by the company.

Don’t hesitate to check all along the week websites of the companies because they get used to vary their prices above all for medium and short flights.