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Experience incredible hotels

I always try to look for something new, something to experiment when I decide to go to vacation. I mean I like to do something different each time I travel out of my home, to discover new city, to live new sensations...

On my other article, I told you about living in a hamster hotel or as captain nemo so if you want or if you are still looking for some unusual hotels to live something unique, following more suggestion.

Ice hotel

With this name, you can guess yourself. The whole hotel is build with ice and with all the accommodation that you can find in a normal hotel.

You will not get cold except if you want it because you will sleep under a beast skin duvet. The hotel is only available during winter season, located at Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, because the owner build it on October to destroy it on March, so you have only 7 months a year to enjoy it.

Kayadam hotel

You always dream to live like a caveman so this hotel is for you. Located at Cappadocia in Turkey, hotels in this area are built inside the rock to let you feel the full potential of the earth but don’t worry, you will have a comfortable room so you will not come back at home with your back totally destroy !!!!

Daspark hotel

May be not the most fascinating places but at least, it deserves to be different to the places we get used. Located at Das Park Hotel in Austria, you will sleep inside huge concrete culvert transformed in comfortable room.

Capsule hotel

One of the funniest places you can experiment, indeed the hotel is not really a hotel. Located at The Hague in Netherlands, you will live inside a space capsule, decorated as in 1970, which is used during the cold war as survival capsule in case of nuclear attack !!!

Malmaison-oxford hotel

What about to live like a criminal ??? Well not really like if you are really one but more inside a very well fitted and comfortable jail. If you always dream to experiment this kind of life, so just make your reservation at the Prison Hotel of Oxford in England and I’m sure you will not forget it.

Ipod Hotel

Pioneering hotels which are characterized to be operated by a kind of mechanisms called Ipod. Its function is to control daily tasks, for example programming calls to wake up customers or to count everything consumed in the minibar. If you want to experience this, you have the 9hours hotel in Japan, Blow Up Hall 5050 hotel in Poland or Aria Las Vegas Resort & Casino in USA.

Costaverde hotel

I think this one is the most entertainment place I found and that anyone can experiment because not only you will live inside a Boeing 727 worthy as a 5 stars but also because it is located in the Costa Rican jungle surrounded by beaches, falls and an impressive fauna.

Life Medicine Resort hotel

You always think about your health during your vacation so may be you should reserve a room on Life Medicine Resort in Austria. A luxury hotel which will take care of your well being in which the concept is based on a combination of hospital and hostel facilities.

Kolarbyn hotel

Do you remember the novel of Daniel Defoe about Robinson Crusoe ??? Well, if you plan to go to Kolarbyn in Sweden, you will have the chance to experiment how to live inside a hut surrounded by Mother Nature in all her splendour.