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Famous avenues, the postcard of a city

Every big city has a big avenue, some more beautiful and more famous than others and no one can’t escape to its visit. You will go there to discover it, no matter if you are curious, to take a picture in order to show to all your friends you were there or just to enjoy a walk.

Let’s start by Barcelona, la rambla is the famous street of the city, everyone has it in his tongue and one of the first things that people want to see because of its many famous human statues.

The champs élysées avenue in Paris with its beautiful triumph arch but it is not the only famous thing that people can discover.

It is the big street where all famous brands are located and where some shops are opened until midnight. In New York, there is the 5th avenue, the most expensive big street where, like the one above, famous brands are situated and if someone doesn’t know it, I’m stunned because we can see it in almost all american movies particularly the ones filmed in this city.

The longest avenue of the world is in Mexico called insurgentes, if you are enough crazy to do it from the beginning until its end, take note that you will have about 8h walking so don’t need to tell you how long for a round trip if you want to walk back but in the opposite side just for fun !!!

The marquês de sapucai avenue is the most entertaining big street, especially during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro so if you are thinking to dance in the rhythm of the samba or to improve it, it is the place to go.

In Las Vegas, you will have no choice than to walk on the las vegas strip avenue not only to see the different shows offer by the most impressive hotels but also to move from casino to casino for a chance to win a lot of money or to lose everything.

If I tell you elm street, you may think about the terror movie of Wes Craven in which appeared the first time Freddy Krueger but no, I didn’t mean the film but the famous street where was killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas.

Miami Beach and its ocean drive avenue, famous for its art deco hotels and its many preserved buildings. The street is the center of the Art Deco district and where you will find the Versace mansion.

For an historical avenue, you can walk on the under den linden avenue in Berlin. It was the main and important street until the second world war and after the fall of the wall, it is again the favorite one with its many beautiful monuments.

In Buenos Aires, the 9 de julio avenue is famous for its unusual width because it spans an entire city block. The name is to pay tribute to the Argentina's Independence Day and where you will find the symbol of the country, the high white obelisk.