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The amazing scenic roads of the world

Driving is not only a way to travel but also a mean to enjoy the landscapes and the great views that we will encounter before to reach our destination. On Earth, there are a lot of long roads with unbelievable nature spectacles for our eyes.

The point is that you should like to drive either a car or a motorbike, well ok you can also enjoy the trip as passenger but the fun part of a road trip is to drive, no !!!

So if it is the kind of thing you like to do, below some famous and unknown roads to get lost in the horizon.

West side of the Earth

  • The US Route 1. It owns 871 km running along the coast of Florida from Key West to Boulogne including a 11 km bridge crossing different islands so you will see lighthouses, underwater coral-reef parks...
  • The US Route 101. It owns 2478 km crossing 3 different states California, Oregon and Washington by the west coast. An impressive highway with beautiful coasts where you will discover sea cliffs mixing with pastoral farmland.
  • The Richardson highway. Between Anchorage and Valdez in Alaska, there is about 490 km crossing marvelous glaciers where you will drive between a lot of 4267 meters peaks and a view on the waterfalls of Keystone Canyon.
  • The US Route 66. This famous highway owns 3945 km and it crosses the country from west to east or east to west depending if you like to drive at the left or right side of the road so no need to tell you that plains, deserts, canyons… are waiting you.
  • The Rodovia Transamazônica. The transamazonian highway connects Peru to the Atlantic Ocean and it owns 5700 km. You will drive across Brazil and you will adventure into the Amazon forest.
  • The Yungas road. Also known as the death road, it owns 69 km in the territory of Bolivia so if you think to drive, be careful because it is not only famous for its extreme danger but also for its impressive landscapes.
  • The Transcanada highway. Located in Canada, it owns 8030 km touching cities situated on the Pacific Ocean and on the Atlantic Ocean so you will cross totally the country with always the horizon at sight.

East side of the Earth

  • The Transsiberian highway. It owns 11000 km between Saint Petersburg on the Baltic Sea and Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean meaning that you will drive from Russia to the Japan Sea, a long road across Siberia.
  • The Tarim road. The Tarim basin is the largest endorheic basin of the world with its 906500 km2 situated in China in which the Taklamakan Desert dominates much of it with its 270000 km2. The area is surrounded by the Tian Shan mountains (north), Pamirs mountains (west) and Kunlun mountains (south), a good way to escape inside the fierceness of the nature with a jeep.
  • The Silk road. A mythical road that runs 7000 km between Asia and Europe starting in China to Syria and its name was given for the silk trade beginning during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 CE), a trip back to the time.

  • The Highway 1. If you are in Australia and you are thinking to drive along the coast, this road is the one you are looking for because it circumnavigates the whole continent during 14500 km, a good way to discover the mainland state capitals and its different landscapes.