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Flamenco at Barcelona

The flamenco is an art originated from the south of Spain in Andalusia during the 18th century. Born from a style of life, the origins are from the popular songs and dances which existed historically in this autonomous region and since november 16, 2010, it has been declared as UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

It is a spanish music and dance born from different ethnic groups and cultures like arabic and not exclusively from the gypsy andalusian, this kind of cultural mix has allowed to create an original musical style and thanks to the romantic movement in Spain, the flamenco has magnified.

From the middle of the 19th century, the flamenco has been differentiated as autonomous art with its 3 main components : singing, dance and guitar. At Barcelona, there are some places where you can go to enjoy this art, see a show, listen the music, learn to dance...

All the below restaurants are great but if you don’t have a lot of time, I will recommend you to go first to Tablao El Cordobés, Palacio del Flamenco and Tirititran and to be sure to have a table, call to reserve - normally the price is between 30-35€ for 1 drink + show and between 50-80€ to dinner + show.


  • Blanca Paloma (c/ costa rica 29, phone (+34)933497008), free entrance
  • Discoteca Tarantos (plaza reial 17, phone (+34)933191789), entrance price 6€
  • Macarena Club (c/ nou de san francesc 5, phone (+34)933024593), entrance price free except friday and saturday 15€ (including 1 drink)


  • Tablao de Carmen (avinguda marquès de comillas 13-27, phone (+34)933256895) with live show inside an original decoration.
  • El Patio Andaluz (c/ aribau 242, phone (+34)932093378) with live show inside an andalusian decoration.
  • Tirititran (c/ buenos aires 28, phone (+34)934108677), the cheaper one since it hasn’t a live show but you will be immersed inside a good flamenco ambiance.
  • Tablao El Cordobés (c/ la rambla 35, phone (+34)933175711) with live show inside a great andalusian decoration.
  • Palacio del Flamenco (c/ balmes 139, phone (+34)932187237) with live show inside an impressive and very nice decoration.

Course (singing, dance, guitar):

  • Flamenco Alicianet, c/ pinzón 3-5 bajos, phone (+34)933103878
  • Joaquin Herrera, c/ artà 11-13, local 1, phone (+34)629736198
  • Escuela de baile Raquel Alonso, c/ sugranyes 23, phone (+34)933315743
  • Flora Albaicin, c/ vallirana 71-73, phone (+34)934182309
  • Gracia Flamenca, c/ burgos 55, phone (+34)651090177


  • Flamenco Barcelona, c/ marquès de barberà 6, phone (+34)934418852 (but also they give course)
  • Las Lolas Planet, c/ barra de ferro, phone (+34)933100476
  • Color de Flamenco, c/ agramunt 16, 4-2, phone (+34)932846918
  • Cristina Moda Flamenca, c/ guardiola i feliu 6, phone (+34)933455395
  • Paputsia Dance, c/ diluvi 8, phone (+34)934157461
  • Cabriole Dansa, paseo manuel girona 50, phone (+34)932052587

Costume (renting):

  • Menkes, gran via de les corts catalanes 642 and 646, phone (+34)933188647 and (+34)934121138