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Portugal, a trip from north to south, Oporto to Lisbon by train

There are 2 cheap ways to travel if we don't count the foot way, either by bus or by train (if you don't want to use your own car). Personally, I prefer the train more comfortable and quicker so we decided to visit the country by train.

Once we planned the cities that we wanted to go, we bought our flights and train tickets in advance for August. As you know, the price can be very expensive at the last minute. For our surprise, the Comboios de Portugal (the train system of the country) offered discount up to 50% if tickets are bought online one week before the departure date so we booked all our tickets in first class very cheap because the price was similar to the second class.


You can also use their app to buy but I realised that they are more offers on their website. Just a quick note, the train has free wifi.

For the accommodation, we did the same thing, most of the hotels are Ibis except in some places like the one in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela. Ibis is a chain offering simple rooms with air conditioning and a private bathroom for good prices. During our whole stay, the temperature was quite hot during the day, hopefully, staying in the shade brought some fresh air and once the night fell, it dropped down making the air cooler. This is where we went:



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