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Galle with its Fort at Sri Lanka

We passed our weekend at Mirissa with its beach, and now it was time to go to Galle. We took the bus from Mirissa to Galle since they are plenty of them, we just went to the main street waiting for the right bus (the destination is displayed in the front). We took the one at 10h15am (54 rupees each - 0,35 euros) to arrive at 11h15am.

Our Harbour Winds Hotel (12 upper dickson road - 55 euros per night) is located very close to the downtown. The room is clean like the bathroom, there is also a swimming pool in the terrace and a panorama lounge space. A nice hotel to stay outside of the fort, moreover, a very kind owner helping us to everything including helping us to plan our next move.

We dedicated something like 2h30 to visit the Fort, walking along the wall first then visiting more the center without entering to museums. There are some nice views and some interesting buildings, for me, it is a kind of a small charming village near the coast. Some shops hide beautiful courtyards and a good place to make a break with air conditioning and free wifi, it is the Tea Breeze (hospital street) situated at the first floor of the Dutch Hospital building.


We lunched at The Originals Mamas (small cross street) ordering a mamas special chicken rice & curry for 650 rupees (4 euros). And the rest of the afternoon, we visited the city and I will suggest to take a particular look on the architecture of the Hindu Sri Meenadchi Sundareswarar temple (park road) near to the train station then we went back to the Fort for the sunset, near the clock tower.

galle galle

The city and its surrounds are few things to offer so we decided to not stay longer. Our next adventure waited us at Anuradhapura with its Holy Tree but first, a stop at Polgahawela with its expensive tuk-tuks.