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Mirissa with its blue whales at Sri Lanka

After our breakfast, we packed everything because the employee and the owner offered us for free to drop us at the bus stop so it was time to leave Udawalawe with its Udawalawa National Park.

The employee drove us in his tuk-tuk to the bus stop. We arrived 20 minutes before noon just in case. The bus was already there and we were the first ones. At 12h, still not the driver neither the ticket guy, they came 20 minutes late so we left at 12h20 by paying 150 rupees each (1 euro).

In fact, the bus 61 goes from Udawalawa to Galle by stopping at Mirissa. Enjoying the landscapes, we arrived at 15h45 after 3h25 trip.

Just in front of the bus stop, there is a place to eat with wifi called I&I restaurant (matara road). I ordered a prawn kottu for 350 rupees (2,15 euros) and we took advantage to check how far it is our hotel Sky Garden Guest House (gunasiri mahimi mawatha - 31,50 euros per night) and it is just at 7 minutes walking (very close to the hotel Paradise Beach Club). The room is big, very clean and an all-in-all bathroom in a nice hotel.


It was our break time, the last weekend of July, to revitalize ourselves of energy. We went to the beach for the sunset, enjoying to wet our feet into the nice sea and the nice breeze of the Indian Ocean. There are a lot of drinking-eating places. We went to dinner at Baymoon and I ordered a devilled prawn for 650 rupees (4 euros) which was not so good.

We booked the whale tour with our hotel for 2500 rupees each (15,50 euros) that includes the pick up and drop off from/to the hotel. The tour is provided by Danushka, it started at 7h30am until 11h30am. Unfortunately, the sea was very rough and both of us got sick. There were whales, dolphins and turtles. I spot the 2 last ones because they were on my side but I couldn't find the strength to see whales. Once back at the harbor, we took a tuk-tuk that was paid by the hotel once we arrived.

mirissa mirissa

If you will plan a whale tour, buy a pill against the seasickness, by this way, you will enjoy more than us. If not, it is a good place to lie down at the beach without doing nothing.

During our stay, we ate in different places:

  • Samagi Creem House & Food Corner (matara road), located to the main street, I ordered an egg cheese roti for 180 rupees (1,10 euros)
  • Opal Food Corner (beachside road), at 1 minute from our hotel, it is a very small family restaurant and it is opened during the evening only, I ordered an egg kottu for 250 rupees (1,60 euros). If you want to go there, go to the right, it is the same way to go to the beach.
  • Barista (matara road), they do only European food, I ordered a cheese burger for 650 rupees (4 euros) and it was so so.

After this weekend break, we were ready to go to Galle with its Fort.