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Things you should bring on every flight guest post written by Christina Maria

Flights means traveling from plain where you can no go out for buying anything or use your heavy bags like trains or buses and if there are some common things related to your common everyday needs then you should not keep them in your luggage while traveling in plain not only common use things some things which can help you to pass your time in long flight. All these things should be kept in a small carry bag so that you could use those things anytime.

What things you should bring on every flight ?

1. Medicine: If you are suffering from any allergy or disease then medicine is the first thing you should keep in your hand bag. Sometimes in plain people carry their

pets along with them and wear something like Fars with which can be allergic for you so medicine is necessary in your carry bag.

2. Under garments: It is important to bring extra under garments with you while long flight. Because in long flight you can use them instead of waiting for landing. So if you have problem with your old under garments then took extra in your carry bag.

3. IPod for music: Music is a majestic way which not let you get bored off. One should always carry a device for music like IPod; ear phones etc. keep collection of your favorite music during long flights and pass your time nicely.

4. Pens and papers: Paper and Pen could be a good source for pass your time while traveling. One cannot easily understand the benefit of pen and paper but if you took them with you then you can use them anytime like you can write something in your free time can play games on that and can note down something important as well.

5. Books: Reading a book while long flight can be a good option for you. If you are found of books then it is not difficult for you to pass a long distance. You can take a story books, comics or joke books with you.

6. Needed girly things for girls: If you are a female then it is necessary for you to keep all needed things like hair pins, clips, hair bands etc. for convenience at night in long flights. Female’s small needs are more than male’s so females should carry a hand bang with them in which all needed things are available.

7. While traveling with kids: It is not easy to travel with kids in flight so, if you are going to then keep all relevant things that you and your baby need in flight in your bag. Because kids need anything anytime so bring all needed things with you like their bottle, tissues, their medicines and some extra clothes.

8. Other things: Pins, tissues, bottle opener etc. are some other small things one should keep in their carry bags.

These things are not very important for one but in long flight these small things are your mates which help you to pass your time and save you from getting bored.

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