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London as a Top Tourist Destination guest post written by Sonali

Everyone knows London is a main attraction that the city boasts ? Now a day’s London is one of the popular tourism destination but what they actually that the number of peoples are come again and again to feel freshness in life ? London, being the capital of England and it is famous for its historical and cultural arts, galleries, and museums add too. Here are plenty of London’s finest attractions which attract the tourists in laths every year. Especially the London is famous for theatre entertainment.

Amazing destinations in London:

1) The London tower. It was built in 11th centenary which performs a very important role in English history.

The “Majesty’s Royal Palace fortress” is known as tower of London. This tower is one of the finest places in London which depicts the history and glory of England. In last decades it was a palace, jail, arise which is used to store weapons in the old days.

2) The tower bridge of London. The tower bridge of London called the iconic part of London skyline which sparks the superior blue walkways which shows the special views of building that marks the line of river, city centre of west plus dockland to the east. The exhibition of the tower bridge attracts the laces of tourists and now the number of tourists is allowed to view the Victorian engine rooms and is (guests) are allowed to consume the power that depicts the bascules of the bridge.

3) Public Square of London. The public square of London is known by the name “Trafalgar Square” which was built to memorize the moment of battle Trafalgar. In this square of London firstly we found the kings James II statue plus George Washington statue are found in front of the lawn.

4) London Dungeon. It is one of the famous places in London which is known as to recreating the gory as well as macabre historical measures in a gallows humour manner. This site of London includes live actors, unique effects and rides which attract the younger audience as well in thousands. The London Dungeon was built in 1974 and is functioned by Merlin Entertainments.

5) Globe Theatre. The globe theatre is also called the Shakespeare’s globe which is situated at the bank of south. The recent theatre in London is replica theatre which was built in 16th century. The globe theatre has a very finest attractions i.e. a backstage for actors, lobby, restaurant as well as special amenities which makes this theatre more attractive.

6) Westminster Abbey. The Westminster abbey is a worship place as well as church hosts several milestones and place of celebration of English notion.

London tour is unfinished without visiting to the place “Houses of Parliament”. For London Visitors it is a dream of every tourist to roaming around the houses of parliament. It was an architectural landmark which links between the two houses i.e. House of Commons and House of Lords at this parliament. If you visits once for London tour you will definitely want to visit again in the famous places of attractions in London.

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