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TOP 10 countries for animal lovers guest post written by Teena Celis

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to visit different natural places where you can find animals living in their natural habitats. There’s no fun in watching animals languishing in zoos; no matter how well tended, animals don’t belong in zoos. They are best when left to roam free and live their lives as they are supposed to, in total freedom. Here are the top countries for animal lovers; in these countries you can enjoy the animals in their natural environments to your heart’s content.


Africa, the magical continent that’s home to more animals than you’ll find anywhere else.

You’ll find tall, majestic elephants browsing along in female herds or in small male groups. Lions, wild buffalo, deer of all types, giraffes and many other animals call Africa mother. Visit the Serengeti plains, and join up in an animal care program at Johannesburg and learn to feed giraffes and baby lions. Make it a point to visit Tanzania to see the animals in their natural wilderness. The majestic mountain gorillas in Uganda are a sight to watch. Take a safari vacation in Kenya and visit Tsavo National Park and the Masai Mara Game Reserve, along with the coastal area of the city for the best wildlife.


Australia has a diverse and delightful hub of animals. From rare frogs of which new species are still being discovered, to koalas, to crocodiles and kangaroos, Australia is a wildlife paradise. Australia is home to several different species of wildlife such as wallabies, koalas, tasmanian devils, tasmanian wolves, wombats, and many others. Don’t forget to check out the echidna are egg-laying mammals and the platypus. You can have your fill of the wonderfully unique Australian birds as well, such as the kookaburra, cockatoo, lyrebird, different kinds of parrots and the flightless emu.


Thailand and elephants go hand in hand. Hike through Thai jungles and observe elephants in their herds. You can even join up in elephant care groups and care for adult or baby elephants in captivity. Thailand also has several species of monkeys, other exotic animals and several birds. In Thai jungles, guided safaris and trips might yield sightings of rare animals such as the javan rhinoceros, sumatran rhinoceros kouprey, wild asian water buffalo, eld's deer, sarus crane and the malayan tapir. Watch out for the macaque, the gibbon, loris, leopard and other rare to spot animals.


China is the land of the cute and cuddly pandas. Of course, you can’t cuddle them as they’re quite big, but you can feed them at the Lou Guan Tai Village near Xi’an. You can even construct panda habitats in this village with locally harvested bamboo. The giant panda is found only in China, so make the best of this opportunity. You can even spot the south chinese tiger, the chinese alligator, the golden takin, one of the rarest and the most endangered animals in the world. Also get an eyeful of the golden lion tamarin, which is actually a colorful primate, not a lion.


Ecuador has over 30 different species of birds, wild animals and monkeys. Take a guided trip through the Ecuador rainforest. The recent discovery of oil in Ecuador has thrown the rainforest out of balance but several species of wildlife still inhabit this place. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot the giant green anaconda, jaguar, poison dart frogs, tapirs, monkeys, peccaries, different species of large rodents and several other wild animals here.


If you love sea life, then head to Canada. Millions of harp seals migrate from Greenland to the Magdalen Islands on the Gulf of St. Lawrence to give birth every year. Once hunted widely for its snowy white coat, the harp seal is now a protected species. You can cuddle these seals but otherwise are not allowed to disturb their birthing process. Bats, black bears, cougars, grizzly bears, otters, raccoons, skunks, wolverines and large northern wolves roam at will in canadian hillsides and forests.


Visit the dolphins in the Bahamas and learn how they communicate. Put on your snorkel equipment and research dolphin life in the water. You can record their behavior, social interactions and responses to humans. Join the Oceanic Society’s Dolphin Research and Vacation Program and get the best out of your vacation in the Bahamas. Visitors to the Bahamas also enjoy whale spotting. On land, check out wild boars, the rock iguana, the hawksbill turtle, the flamingo and the cat island terrapin.


The Bolivian teem with primates, pumas, beautiful parrots, the almost extinct bolivian flamingoes, sloths, bolivian bears and the largest flying bird, the andean condor. The bolivian rainforests are also home to the chinchilla, a rodent that gives the softest, finest fur much adored by women. Also get your fill of the three cousins; the lamas, alpacas and camels. Get into the water to experience the pink bolivian dolphin as well ! These dolphins are actually pink in color and are not found anywhere else in the world. Also check out the world’s largest rodent, the carpincho.


Every year, hundreds of baby turtles burst out of their eggs and waddle out to sea. This beautiful sight is watched by hundreds of animal lovers. Yes, these endangered olive ridley turtles are protected. Participate in volunteer adventures that allow you to help with the turtle egg relocation. You could even find a new turtle nest in the sands ! You might come across the eyelash viper, which has a green body with rust-colored spots. This highly venomous viper is 3-foot long and slithers through the lowland trees looking for frogs, lizards and mice. Hot Mexico is also home to several other poisonous reptiles, iguanas and other wild creatures.

Borneo Islands

Borneo is an animal lover’s paradise. With high mountains such as the Mount Kinabalu, to coral-fringed islands with miles of lush rainforest in between, Borneo supports a rich diversity of wildlife habitats. You’ll find large mammals, reptiles, lizards, flying frogs, fish that walk on mud, swimming monkeys and even insect-eating plants ! Animal lovers must take proper precautions before exploring the rainforests of Borneo as it can be a fairly dangerous experience.

Teena Celis is a copywriter for Adrenalin, an australian presents for men company that offers a lot of experiences like helicopter scenic flights rides , driving , flying and water experiences all across Australia.