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Travelling around London: useful tips guest post written by Anna Dewinter

London is one of the most popular and iconic cities in the world for exploring, with many famous landmarks and monuments to discover. However, it is also a large city spread across many miles, and so before arriving in London it is a good idea to take some time in working out just how you will travel around.

For a good overview of London it is best to see as much as possible, taking in Central London’s many attractions whilst also trying to see some of the sights on the fringes of britain’s capital. If you’re exploring the inner city then there are several sights that must not be missed. A fantastic way to explore many of these sights is to start at Buckingham palace, before walking through saint

james’s park and arriving at the river. Here you’ll be able to see Big Ben and Westminster cathedral before crossing the bridge to get an even better view of the houses of parliament. If you’re a walker, then strolling down the entirety of South Bank is a great idea. Whilst being able to enjoy views across the Thames towards Embankment and The Strand you pass attractions such as The Tate Modern, the London Eye, The London Aquarium and the Globe Theatre. You can then arrive at Tower Bridge, enjoying the spectacular sight of the iconic bridge before crossing back to the north side of London and exploring the tower of London.

For places in Central London it is often a great idea to walk rather than using the underground. The latter form of travel is quite expensive, and with everything in inner London being very close together you can easily navigate the streets and find sights you’d have missed if travelling under ground. Meanwhile, with smartphones and GPS’s giving great directions you may not even need the help of a map and will gain an entirely different view of the city.

If you want to explore the outskirts of London then using car rental is a great idea. Iconic London spots such as Kew Gardens and Hampton Court palace can take a long time to get to if you’re travelling by means of public transport. In addition, if you rent a car you’ll be able to pack picnics, provisions and luggage without the need to haul your belongings around with you. In addition, there are many great cities outside of London to explore. Having a car rental means you can get to Oxford, Cambridge and even Bath fairly easily, allowing you to discover places further afield than the capital itself.

As with any holiday, research beforehand is essential to ensure that you get to see everything you want in your holiday timeframe. Many attractions are very close to each other in Central London, allowing you to avoid congested trains and simply walk from one to the next, exploring as you do so. And by hiring a car for part of your holiday you’ll be able to discover many sights that are missed by the majority of tourists heading to London.