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Festival of Les Corts and its traditional popular cake

The fiesta mayor of Les Corts is how people living in this district call his traditional festival, as the others, it is full of surprises, events and activities that will make the happiness of everyone, from the youngest to the oldest ones.

The Corts was a village that later, it has been integrated to Barcelona so you can guess that it has keeping its old traditions and festivals while integrating them to the ones of the city.

During 1 week in october, you will move your feet in the rhythm of its music, not only to dance in the different concerts but also going to one area to another in order

to have fun. If you have kids, you can go in different spaces where there are games and workshops for them. During the week, the festival will start around 18h since most of people have to work so the concentration of activities will be done during the weekend and the closing day, starting in the morning, normally around 9h.

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By going near and around the comas square, you will have no problem to find what you will like the most to see and to do. Talking about this square, don’t miss the traditional opening event that will be celebrated at 20h consisting to get one portion of the festival cake.

If you can’t be there to share this popular cake with local people, don’t miss the last day, at 10h, there will be the parade of the giants and later, at 20h, the closing concert following by the castle of fire.

Of course, you will also see some other traditional events like the casteller (human tower) and the correfoc (parade of the demons) but for that, you will have to be in Barcelona between the first saturday and the day 12 of october.

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The best way to know where to go, what to see and how to participate in some activities, it is to get the full program of the festival and the best way to get it, it is via its official website (no english).